How Can I Keep Safe My Baby In the Car?

In ​November 2019, Shepard, son to Derek, died at a Day Care Center while sleeping in a car seat. Investigations suggested that he suffocated.

You’ve perhaps severally heard about children who die on car seats — maybe they were asleep or the position was unsuitable for them.

Experts have now warned parents to be watchful with baby carriers such as car seats, baby bouncers, and swings.

You’re possibly shocked, but don’t worry! I’m going to give you tips on how to keep safe of your baby in the car. Let’s go!

  1. Always Use the Right Device
  2. Adhere to Guidelines
  3. Don’t Customize Car Seat Installation
  4. Don’t Use Your Baby as a Test Dummy

Always Use the Right Device

More often than not, parents traveling use car seats for their babies. They’re the right tools to use. But, have you used the recommended one? Check out the list below:

Always buy a NEW car seat for your baby. As the old proverb goes, cheap is costly. Used car seats might be missing some parts, and as usual, the plastic can go brittle after some time. So if your sister gave you a car seat or you went right to the carport, and you purchased one because it was cheap, dispose of it for the sake of your child’s life!

Go for a trusted brand. I don’t know if you’ve seen some car seats that last only for two months. To a certain extent, those kinds of seats are unpredictable. The buckles can easily break off because of the fake material they’re made up of. Besides, you don’t know if coincidence can break in — the day you’re getting an accident is when the buckle is wearing off! Britax is the brand I can for all time recommend for you. You can get Britax products on Amazon.

Adhere to Guidelines

When you bought your car seat for your little one, you got a guideline booklet. Ensure you’ve gone through the directives carefully. You’ll find the rules very obliging — for instance:

Don’t use one car seat for two babies. Each car seat is designed to hold only one toddler. If you’re traveling with your sister, always inform her to come with her car seat for her baby beforehand. If you’ve twins, remember to purchase a car seat for each.

Ensure to use your car seat without fail. As I’ve always said, happenstance can break in anytime as the old axiom goes. Hence, it’s always worthwhile to use your car seat for your baby from time to time.

The car seat should always face the rear side. When you buy one for your child, the manufacturer often indicates that it should face the back side for any child below two years.

Don’t use the car seat for children who’re older, bigger, or taller than what your manufacturer recommends. You’ll find that most manufacturers suggest that you use your car seat for toddlers below two years. But if your child outgrows the seat and he’s six months, look for another position. It is dangerous to fit a human being where he doesn’t naturally fit.

Don’t Customize Car Seat Installation

This is a mistake most people often do. It is wise always to hold tight your manufacturer’s directions when installing your baby’s car seat. Most manufacturers don’t:

Allow you to use your infant car seat on the front seat of your vehicle which has an active front passenger air bag. It can gravely harm your child in case of a crash.

Recommend any recline angle other than 45 degrees. This is the certified angle to keep your child safe — free from suffocation and slipping off during sleep. Britax always recommends this angle.

Let you use a different belt path other than the one indicated in the user manual. Always ensure that you’ve used a correct belt path. To be sure, always follow your manufacturer’s directions as this varies from one manufacturer to another.

Suggest that you allow your tot’s car seat to be loose because you think so. This can be dangerous during a crash. If the seat swings for more than an inch to and fro, it’s not safe for your baby.

Don’t Use Your Baby as a Test Dummy

If you use a wrong recline angle, the child can easily slip off and get matted by the seat belts hence get suffocated and die. Besides, always ensure you strap up the baby to his comfort. It should not be excessively loose or too tight. Also, always dress your child in light clothes before harnessing him on the seat. Thick clothes can be useless during a crash because they’ll loosen the attachment. There are various types of car seats depending on the age bracket of your baby. At a glance, there are those meant for infants and toddlers, preschoolers, school -aged children, and older children. Always find the best type depending on the age of your little one. Also, don’t put your baby at risk simply because you didn’t follow instructions. Look at your manufacturer’s user manual devotedly. Above all, DON’T let your child sleep on the car seat. He’ll quickly lose his balance and get tangled within the seat belts which results in death. Don’t waste your baby because of negligence!

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