Baby Swing for Older Baby – Buyer’s Guide of 2023

It happens that your child is growing fast and thus getting older for its present baby swing. Definitely, you need to get something rather new that suits your little one and can support it without any difficulty. For an older baby, your choice should be bold as it concerns with the baby’s happiness and comfort. To help you with this problem, we are here with 5 of the best swings that are highly suitable for older babies.

3 Ways A Baby Swing Can Be Fun for Your Older Baby

  • Imposing Motion by Swinging, Rocking, and Gliding: All the best swingers offer different kinds of speedy motion. It combines swinging with rocking or gliding which works just fine for unlimited entertainment.
  • Pleasant Seating through Adjustable Vibration: Another feature that adds great fun to kid’s playtime is the vibration. Also, proper adjustment makes it easier to adopt the fun.
  • Entertaining Playtime with Numerous Toys: No doubt, some soft and overhead toys will encourage the baby to have fun also. It would be better if the toys come with the age of the little one.

If you are a parent, no matter what the age is running off your baby, you have to decide to buy the best baby swing for older baby. As a parent, you also need to be relaxed sometimes. And purchasing the Best Baby Swing for Big Babies can be the best option for you!

In a Hurry,

What’s the Best Baby Swing for Older Babies

The answer is Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing. We researched lots of swings for older; finally, we made this decision based on our experiment.

Stay on your comfort zone, because you have Graco Sway Baby Swing, which is one of the best swings for older babies.

Why is Graco Simple sway the Best Baby Swing for Big Babies?

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing will provide optimal happiness & comfort even if your baby is weighty a bit!

The compact unit is spacious and sturdy on both sides. That’s pretty simple to soothe your child at a comfortable level. And of course, the base is strong enough!

It runs on electricity as well as a rechargeable battery, an outstanding looking design with 2 different vibrations, 5 gentle tunes, hanging some beautiful stars to entertain your baby. After all, it’s a storehouse of happiness for your child. Finally, this is portable and protective with a 5-point harness. For all these efficiencies, Graco Simple Sway is the perfect baby swings for older babies.

Are you wondering to purchase this quality Graco Simple baby swing? Then you should take a look down below.

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing Review

  • It will be much more comfortable for your baby. Let’s have a look at this product.
    First of all, it is suitable for even small spaces. Because it arrives with small frame design, so you can set your baby swing wherever you need. Size matters in case of baby swing!
    Speed variations
    Also, you will get two different speed option, which is simple to use and more convenient than the typical one. Your child will enjoy this stuff, as it has the side to side swinging motion for extra enjoyment. You will find 6 different speeds to provide some various calming motion. This will be entertaining for your little one!
    Rechargeable Batteries
    The best thing is, you will use this baby swing by rechargeable batteries. Whenever the battery is out of juice, you can simply use plug it in and have it recharged.
    Besides, this also means that you can carry it anywhere with you, even outdoors.
    There’s no need for you to plug the power cord. However, you can also run the swing by electricity.
    Furthermore, to make your little one feel excited all the time, this baby swing comes with five nature sounds. So you can play the different gentle tunes for your baby. For more entertainment of your baby, it features some hanging stars, which looks so cute.
    To provide a comfortable spot, the swing has a deep seat. You can remove the head support as well. Most probably, this option is built for a newborn baby. If your baby has developed his neck strength, then you can remove the piece.
    The baby swing for older babies is much protective, as it comes with a five-point harness.
    It can hold up to 30 pounds, which is counted as a decent rate. It also ensures the ultimate durability.
    The final statement is, it’s portable & lightweight product for easy transportation, only 17.2 lbs.
  • Suitable for small places.
  • 2 speeds vibration. 
  • Rechargeable battery or wire plug option.
  • 6 different motions.
  • Five gentle sounds.
  • Hanging stars for entertainment.
  • A comfortable spot.
  • Five-point harness.
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sun or heat may cause warping or fading.

How to Choose Best Baby Swing for Older Baby?

When you move to the market to buy a product, you will find a lot of models from numerous brands for sure. It is rather a common fact to get confused in the first place. As it happens, a baby swing is no different either.

While buying a baby swinger, you need to know about some specific features. These features concern with the safety as well as the quality of the swing.

  • Seat Space: For a comfortable seating position spacious seat is a must. You should look forward to having one swinger that provides a roomy seat for your baby.
  • Strong Base: To support your baby, a stronger base is also essential. Stronger base can take the-maximum recommended weight with ease and makes the frame more durable.
  • Swinging Motion: Regarding proper motion for the baby, appropriate swinging is an important fact to consider. You need to make sure that swinging comes without any sound pollution.
  • Power Input: The input power method plays an important consideration. You need to ensure if you want a plugin power or battery usage to operate the swing.
  • Vibration: Additional vibration will increase the fun and thus encourages the baby to get entertained. Almost all best swingers provide built-in vibration at present.
  • Attractive Toys: Needless to say, various attractive toys are the best company for any child. Different models come with different toys. You should get the ones that suit to your little one.

Best Older baby swing reviews

Graco DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer, Manor


To make your beloved older baby relaxed and comfortable, you need one good swing. And for that, this best baby swing for the older baby would be a good choice for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable Position with Roomy Seat :
    This baby swing and bouncer comes with a suitable and enough spacious seat for your beloved kid. The roomy seat helps you to get the kid in the right position to play. Thus it encourages your baby to stay at the perfect position for maximum comfort.
  • Built-in Vibrations Provide Supreme Relaxation :
    This unique swing offers a built-in feature to vibrate the seat without any roughness. In addition, it has two different settings to set up the vibration speed. Along with that, you will get a gentle as well as sooth vibration.
  • Great Security through 5 Point Harness :
    When it is about your little baby, nothing gets more important than safety with a device. To make your child safe, this one provides you a facility of the 5-point harness. With that, you will get this product for your baby ensuring ultimate safety.
  • Overall Entertainment with Multiple Melodies :
    To make your child happy all the time, this swing comes with multiple chilling sounds. In fact, it has 10 different musical melodies with 5 other sweet nature sounds. With that, you can amuse and calm the baby.
  • Offers metal base and polyester plastic.
  • Provides removable swing for the seat.
  • Features a removable head support.
  • Delivers some soft and overhead hanging toys.
  • Comes with 6 different modes of speed.
  • Squeaking noise may come out during swinging.
  • The bouncer assembly may seem to be a bit difficult.

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Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Starlight


For thecomfort and cozy seat, you must choose something supportive. And this best baby swing for older baby got everything you will need.

Features and Benefits

  • 3 Adjustments for 2 Position Recline
    This one allows you to get 3 different positions for the baby to seat: right facing left facing and center. With all these positions, you can manage to have 2 individual reclining positions.
  • 2 Different Swinging Motions
    To deliver a soothing motion for your little one, there come two different motions to swing. With this facility, you can get to switch for either side-to-side cradling or the conventional head-to-toe swinging.
  • Overhead Hanging Toys and Show
    As a matter of fact, to keep your kid amused and delighted all the time, there are overhanging toys with this swing. All the hanging toys will also provide an amazing show altogether for the kid overhead.
  • Removable and Washable Pad
  • Along with baby usage, it is common for the pad to get dirty. To help you with, both the head support along with the seat pad are removable. And again, they are machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Offers a removable tray having 2 bead bars.
  • Features 6 different swinging speed modes.
  • Provides 16 different musical sounds.
  • Contains motorized toy mobile with melody.
  • Comfortable seat through supportive design.
  • Overweight may end up in breaking the base.
  • The motor may seem to be weak to work.

Graco Duetsoothe Swing + Rocker, Sapphire


If you want something identical for your baby, this best baby swing for older baby may hold good for you. The combining function of swinging and rocking would be a perfect one for sure.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows Swingingas well as Rocking with Ease
    You can have not just swinging but also a rather rocking seat with this one. In fact, this baby swing combines those two in one for the infant. And with gentle rocking, your baby will get just the feeling it needs.
  • Opportunity to Plugin or Battery Usage
    Sometimes it is difficult to run the swing over battery power and sometimes to plug in due to far distance. With this one, you can either plug in or even use batteries to operate this swing for your child.
  • Ultimate Swinging with 6 Different Motions
    Along with a setting that allows delivering 6 individual speeds for the swinging seat, this one will just hold good for your little child. With the right adjustment, you will find the perfect speed with ease.
  • 2 Individual Modes for Gentle Vibration:

To keep your baby calm and quiet, this one comes with a built-in vibrating facility for the seat for your little one. Also, you will get a setting to set up the vibration speed at two motions to have a gentle sooth.

  • Contains three toys along with one toy mobile.
  • Provides spacious seat for better support.
  • Offers 10 music along with 5 natural songs.
  • Features 5-point harness to ensure maximum safety.
  • 3 different adjustments for the seat position.
  • Squeaking noise may come out while rocking the seat.
  • May produce some noticeable sound sometimes.

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Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker, Winslet


Along with swinging and rocking, this one comes with a suitable outfit as well. You will get this best baby swing for anolder baby pretty friendly to play with.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Durability through Metal Frame

For any product, durability is a major concern and it has great impact over a baby carrier like aswing. Along with its metal base, this one comes with soft plastic construction. The combination of metal with plastic provides a longer service.

  • Spacious Seat for Baby to Play and Relax

Roomy seat is essential for a baby to get acomfortable position to seat as well as to play. Keeping that in mind, it has one spacious seat for the baby which encourages a suitable position to relax and also to play.

  • Comes with 3 Different Seating Positions
    To get the perfect swinging for the child, it is necessary to make some adjustments for the seat. Regarding this, this device offers an adjustment facility at 3 positions to swing the seat at side-to-side or even front-to-back.
  • Built-in Vibrations with Speed Settings
    To keep your little one calm and quiet, vibrations may do a great job. There is a built-in facility to vibrate the seat for your baby. Furthermore, you will get 2 different modes to control the rate of vibrations as well.
  • Perfect pacing through six different speed settings.
  • Features a five-point harness to ensure ultimate safety.
  • Comes with 5 natural and 10 musical melodies.
  • Either plug in or recommended battery usage.
  • Multi-tasking with swinging as well as rocking seat.
  • May seem to be a bit fragile for the baby.
  • May cause some noise while rocking

Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing, Pierce


Attractive appearance along with plenty of useful features make this one a pretty good choice for your baby. You will get almost everything with this best baby swing for an older baby.

Features and Benefits

  • Spacious Seat Offers Comfortable Position
    This baby swing comes with a suitable and enough roomy seat for your little one. The spaciousseat helps to get the baby in the perfect position. Thus it encourages your kid to stay at the right position with maximum comfort.
  • 5 Point Harness Ensures Ultimate Safety
    When it is about your beloved child, nothing gets more important than safety. To make your child secure, this one comes with a facility of the5-point harness. Along with that, you will get this device ensuring maximum safety.
  • Input Power through Plugin or Battery Usage
    Sometimes it is difficult to plug in due to far distanceand sometimesto run the swing over battery power. But with this one, you need not worry. You can either plug in or even use batteries to operate this swing.
  • Overall Entertainment with Multiple Melodies

To make your child happy all the time, this swing comes with multiple chilling sounds. In fact, it has 10 different musical melodies with 5 other sweet nature sounds. With that, you can amuse and calm the baby.

  • Offers 6 different settings for gliding.
  • Greater battery life through time module.
  • Provides removable and light resisting canopy.
  • Provides three-positioning recline.
  • Contains an ingenious and sturdy frame.
  • The toys may seem to be a little smaller than usual.
  • May produce noisy sounds while swinging.

Things to consider for purchasing the best baby swing for older babies

This is one of the useful products, especially for first-time parents. Nonetheless, it needs a lot of discussions. Swings are for lazy parents, and some peoples think that. And others feel that this is a lifesaver!

If you want to buy swings for babies up to 40lbs, you should focus on some unique aspects. Go down below:

Seat belt: That should be a significant priority. Or else, your child can fall from the swing and have to face a big accident!

If your baby swing has a 5-seat harness, you can stay relax and use the stuff conveniently.

Neck/head support: It is another essential thing. Research shows that poor neck/head support may cause serious injury. So, you have to be concern about this fact.

Make sure to choose the baby swing, which has excellent neck/head support.

Source of power: For purchasing one of the best swings for older babies, this is obligatory. Some baby swings have arrived with a plug-in option, and others required battery. If you have these two facilities in one baby swing, that will be a significant advantage!

Portability: The swing should be portable and compact. So, that will be easy to carry or transport. Now, going on a trip with an effective portable baby swing is not even a big deal! 

Also, you can go to a park with your family by carrying this stuff, as it is compact and light.

Swing speed: That’s an extra benefit. Because some children love fast, and others want slow motion. So, selecting a baby swing with multiple speed options is might be good thinking. This feature can entertain your baby in a better way.

Comfortable space: The place should be cozy. Otherwise, your child won’t enjoy the environment. Make sure the spot is bright and soft. Then your baby will feel relax and can take a sweet sleep as well.

Frame: Sturdy or durable material enhances durability. So, you should focus on this matter. It can be constructed with metal or plastic, but it should be stable. It needs enough capacity to hold the weight. Or else, it can cause a severe accident, which you don’t expect!

Baby-Swing Safety

Always safety first! According to the research, about 1800 children (who are less than 5 years old) were injured only for their baby swing in 2005. So, you have to be more careful and secure if you are using a baby swing. Give attention to the points:

  • Don’t leave your baby if he is alone.
  • Make sure to use the safety belts.
  • Don’t make a foolish decision to take your swing in an elevated position.
  • Never push your baby with intense speed.
  • Over swinging may cause dizziness. So remember no more than 30 minutes of swing! And if you are feeling sleepy, off the swinging earlier on you fall into sleep.
  • If your baby swing has a multi-swing speed option, always start at a lower speed. Because high speed may be rough for some child. It only loves the older baby. Young babies always prefer slow motion.
  • Hence, you need to follow the instructions, weight specifications, manufacturer age, and other kinds of stuff.
  • Take a deep focus on your child. If he is trying to climb out, then you should ignore the traditional swing. Also, avoid those cradle swing when your child can push up on his hands.
  • When you are transporting, don’t let your baby in the swing. Or, use the portable swing for an infant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Baby Swing Better For Babies?

A: In some limitations, it is fine and good to use a baby swing. But you should avoid overdoing it. Or else, it may turn into a bad habit!

Q: What Are The Suitable Age To Go In A Baby Swing?

A: That’s for toddlers and infants. The ideal age should be 6 months or above.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Baby Swings?

A: Nowadays, baby swings are going to be the hot favorite product for parents. 

Q: Can A Newborn Child Go In The Swing?

A: It is okay to let your child for a nap. Make sure the swing has a safety belt to keep him secure. However, you shouldn’t leave him alone.

Q: Can This Device Cause Shaken Baby Syndrome?

A: Never, it’s a myth! SBS or shaken baby syndrome can cause you to shake your baby violently. That may be a fault of some adults or older, not a fault of this product.

Q: Is It Okay To Sleep Overnight In The Swing?

A: It’s fine for an older baby. But if your baby is small enough like 1-5 months, don’t do these. It can cause some spinal issues!

Q: What Is The Ideal Weight Capacity Of Baby Swing?

A: It’s individual. Some can carry 15-20 pounds, and others can 25-35 pounds. But the best quality baby swing can hold 30-40 pounds of weight.

Final Verdict

There are some other swings that combine plenty of features to provide your child a good one. But we would like to suggest you go for these 56 in the first place. We can tell you that all those 5 mentioned above come with quality assurance. And with that, you will get just the right thing for your beloved one without a doubt.Hope you can choose a swing for your older baby.If you have any question please let us know via Comment section.

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