Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing Reviews

Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing is perhaps the best swing that the Gr​​​​a​​​​co has ever produced by far. It has got the traits which are really unique and exclusive. Parents can take care of their baby and side by side can work at home without taking any stress. The purpose of the product is to make parents to keep their baby secure and protect while they are working.

Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing Reviews

  • Two in one combo. Swing forward to backward and bouncing both options are accessible.
  • Two colors are accessible in the market.
  • Integrated toys are there which is removable.
  • Flexible straps are there for bigger babies.
  • Can be operated by both battery and plug in.
  • Two parts, the upper and the base part.
  • A nice moveable canopy is integrated.
  • It is hard to clean.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to be assembled.

Soothing Vibration

In front of the chair a soothing vibration is placed. There are two different settings here for the vibration that is to be adjusted. The switch can be pressed and moved from right to left. You can use it in the swing or when it is down on the floor. The vibration is run by the battery. A box or battery case is fixed underneath the chair where the battery is inserted and can be placed.

Battery Compartment

On the side of the swing chair an actual battery compartment for the swing. The size of the battery would be four sizes D.

Plugs in option

To save money a plug-in option is placed there, to run the chair by power or electricity. This option can save more money and you don’t need to buy expensive batteries.

User control

The user control system is placed on the side of the machine. A switch box is set with a bunch of switches where you can control the entire chair from it.

Speed control

A button is placed on the middle of the switchboard where you can turn on the chair or swing. Speed limit is there from range one to six. When the turn on button is pressed, the swing started to move or glide. The speed limit is there if you press 1 then it will move slowly and gradually increase the speed if you press six. In range 1 the swing will glide or move very gently and in range 6 if your baby is heavy then it won’t move too fast as you have expected.

Music Options

A switch is also put for music playing where 10 different songs are to be inserted inside there for your baby. You can change one song by another if your little infant doesn’t like it. Five different volume settings right there where the music is controlled quieter and louder. Other nature related sound option is there where you can listen, different nature oriented music for your babies. A button is situated where you can mute the music button if the baby doesn’t like it.

Timer Option

A timer option also integrated into Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing. If you don’t want your baby to be gliding in the swing all the time then you can use this option. The baby can glide within a time range. If the time limit is set for thirty minutes then the baby can swing for thirty minutes and the swing will automatically be stopped.

The length of the swing

The swing is stood about three feet tall and compact about the baby. The baby can easily be fitted in it. A carrying handle is located on the top of the swing where you can move it form forward to backward. A button is there to lift the chair up and down. Press that button the chair can sit baby more upright or lay your baby down.

Take out the upper part

Base part is located underneath of the swing. On top of the base part the glider is placed. It is very easy to pull it off from the base part. Grab the handle and pull it off very gently from the base part of the swing. The swing will come out and you will see two little groves where you can put the swing back in.

The bouncer part

The swing is extracted out from the base part and places it on the floor. The bouncer part is coming right after that. If you tilt it gently by your hand then the swing will have a bounce. The swing will move or glide and has nice bounce there manually.

A nice canopy

A nice canopy which is placed at the top of the swing. You can break this down on both sides or move it back if you don’t use it at the time.

The best Alternative of graco glider elite swing

BabyBond Baby Swings for Infants, Bluetooth Infant Swing with 10 Preset Lullabies, 5 Point Harness Belt, 5 Speeds and Remote Control - Portable Baby Swing for Indoor and Outdoor, Aluminum
BabyBond Baby Swings for Infants, Bluetooth Infant Swing with 10 Preset Lullabies, 5 Point Harness Belt, 5 Speeds and Remote Control - Portable Baby Swing for Indoor and Outdoor, Aluminum
BabyBond Baby Swings for Infants, Bluetooth Infant Swing with 10 Preset Lullabies, 5 Point Harness Belt, 5 Speeds and Remote Control - Portable Baby Swing for Indoor and Outdoor, Aluminum
  • [ Strong Aluminum Material & 5-Point Safety Belt ]: Safety Comes First! Equipped with an advanced 5-point safety belt, this compact baby swing for infants can FIRMLY fix your baby to prevent falling down and ensure the baby’s safety. Best for toddlers 0-12 months and below 27 pounds.
  • [ To Entertain Your Baby When the Baby is Awake ]: BabyBond electric baby swing with 10 preset lullabies, Bluetooth options and 2 plush toys, that will keep your baby engaged and amused. Allow playing any music through the built-in speakers through your phone or any other Bluetooth device.
  • 🌙 [ To Soothe and Put Your Baby to Sleep ]: Unlike traditional baby swing, the BabyBond baby swing has a more PRONOUNCED 5 swing mode, making it easier for your little one to calm down. (It is very quiet, so it will not disturb your baby’s sleep.)
  • [ Comfortable Baby Swing for Infants ]: Using removable, washable soft baby cushion and pillow, the pillow is adjustable, so it can better adapt to the height of the baby to avoid slipping. MORE BONUS: Advanced IMD touch panel and REMOTE CONTROL, which is convenient to observe and operate.
  • [ Portable Baby Swing for Inside and Outdoor ]: The BabyBond baby swing is portable and foldable with a 25*6.2*25.1 inches package, it’s very easy to store and carry. Supports installation of batteries (not included) for outdoor use, or Plug in power for indoor use.
  • [ 3 Timing Setting ]: In order to save your time and energy, BabyBond electric baby swing is equipped with a timer, you can set three swing times (8.15.30 minutes), and it will automatically stop working when the time is up.
  • [ Easy to Use ]: The installation is a pretty easy task and no additional tools are required. We are ensure to be the high-quality material BABY SWING, we have a 24/7 professional team to help you if you have any questions about this item.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Does it work without batteries?

Yes, surely it does. It can be plugged in and run with electricity.

Do I have to assemble the product?

Yes, A very user friendly manual guide is to be provided with the product. If you follow the product manual you can understand each and every part of it.

How can I pull out the base part?

Well it is very easy. You can gently lift it up and it will automatically come out.

Bottom Line

When a buyer buys a product a certain things come to mind like, does the product easy to use, high quality, pros and cons, have others used it yet, alternatives, would the money worth it etc. After reviewing the Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing, I can apparently say that it has got all the answers that a product could have been.

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