Which Baby Items Are A Waste Of Money?

There’s this client who walked into my office seeking help for enlightenment. “Last winter my husband and I had our first baby,” she started. “We bought too many tiny clothes and shoes, and it’s now two months later our baby cannot fit in them,” she said.

I’d imagine that you’ve experienced a similar thing. Perhaps you’re a first-time parent, but you don’t know what to avoid so that you don’t waste your money. You’re not alone! In one way or the other, I’ve also experienced the same. Avoid getting into ensnare. Let’s get started!

  1. Too Many Tiny Clothes and Shoes
  2. Purchasing a Portable and Non -Portable Baby Swings At the Same Time
  3. Baby Walkers
  4. The Bumbo Seat
  5. Nappy Disposal Systems and Dad Diaper Bag
  6. Baby Einstein DVDs
  7. Buying Items in Sets
  8. Buying Too

Too Many Tiny Clothes and Shoes

You’ll be embarrassed with this common mistake. A kid grows so fast that if you’re a new parent, you’ll barely believe it. Anyway, if you buy too many clothes and shoes for your tot, be sure that you’ll have another baby — recycling! Is it advisable to re -use clothes for your toddlers? It’s one of the best ways of saving money.

But if it’s your last born, you’re probably wasting your money. By the way, it is prudent you don’t buy pricey clothes for your child. He will outgrow them so quickly. Instead, spend a little money to buy just cheap clothes of which you can even recycle!

Purchasing a Portable and Non -Portable Baby Swings At the Same Time

Probably your parental guide told you that you should prefer a compact swing to a non -portable swing. But you thought by yourself that it’s good to have both of them — one for home use and another one for traveling.

You’ll waste your money! A compact swing is a multipurpose thing. You can use it while at home or when you visit your relatives. As well, be sure to buy the best compact swing for your baby.

Baby Walkers

The client who visited my office was so angry about this product. “Another thing that I feel I wouldn’t have bought for my baby is the walker,” she said. “My boy used it just twice if I can recall and became entirely dispassionate with it.” She added. When I visited Amazon, I found out that the cheapest baby walker costs $40 and up. Instead of buying a baby walker for your child, why can’t you go for natural walking and floor time? It helps. And if you think you need a commercial alternative, try out baby bouncers and playpens — they are simply the best choices!

The Bumbo Seat

When I was just passing through the web, I saw so many parents complain about this product. Either, it wasn’t the first time I saw on the internet. I’ve met many parents insane about it. It goes up to $200. It’s a lot of money to waste. Furthermore, sitting upright is natural. There’s no need to train your child to sit upright.

Nappy Disposal Systems and Dad Diaper Bag

The cheapest nappy disposal systems go for $60 at Amazon. Besides, they have very high maintenance costs like changing the cartridges now and then! On top of that, waste of space! I think these products are expensive for nothing.

I asked one of my clients, “What about a dad diaper bag…?” She replied, “A what!? I don’t think dads really need it!” She convinced me instantly. When I looked the price of the bags on Amazon, I found that the cheapest goes for $50. A good amount to save for something else!

Baby Einstein DVDs

Truly money greediness inclines some sellers to flood the market with eye-catching but unnecessary baby items. One of them is Baby Einstein DVDs. Let me assure you that you don’t need them in a sense that even psychologists are against it. A child below two years doesn’t utterly need them. Otherwise, they’ll spoil the healthy development of a child’s brain of thinking and learning.

Buying Items in Sets

If you buy for instance crib bedding set for your little one, trust me you might end up using only the sheets. Always pick one item at a time — the one you feel you need urgently.

Buying Too

Many Duplicate Items Some of them will remain unused till the toddler matures. Also, babies vary — your first child may like swaddling but the rest dislike. You’ll end up doing unintended charity. Instead, just pick a few from the market. Once the few items are exhausted, feel free to replace.

What have I counted out? Or what do you think infringes your experience from the list?

Sellers and manufacturers are intelligent people. They know first-time parents can panic on what to buy for their little ones. So they create eye-catching products that sound “necessary” for your baby. Now you know that most of them are unnecessary. Always watch out!

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