10 Best Outdoor Baby Swing Review | Top-notch Safety & Quality

Among all the child activities, the swing is something that all baby loves. And in the summertime, swing a great way to allow your children to have fun in nature. That not only have mental benefits but some health benefits as well.

However, after you decided to go for a baby swing for outdoors, the first thing that must have come to your mind is exploring for the best deal, unless you are a millionaire. Since there are hundreds of outdoor swings out there, find the right one could be a little daunting.

10 Best Outdoor Baby Swing Review

And if you have no prior experience, then this is going to be very hard for you. Having that said, we are here to aid your problem. We have come up with the 10 best outdoor baby swings that are highly safe and have more excellent quality.

Here Is The List Of Outdoor Baby Swings We Will Be Reviewing:

How did we pick the best? The answer is below!

10 Best Outdoor Baby Swing Reviewed

The following 10 baby swings weren’t chosen randomly. We have people working on the backend and we have used people who are experienced in this stuff. They have initially picked around 30 to 35 models and after bring then through a couple of tests, now they are down to the 10. We didn’t pay much focus to the price, to be honest. We have tried to pick the models that come with incredible quality and safety.

Roll your eyes through them, you will know their worth!

Little Tikes 2 -In- 1 Snug 'N Secure Grow Baby Swing

Presenting the very first baby swing of this list, the Little tikes 2-in-1 baby swing. One of the top-rated model of the market that comes with loads of positive user feedback. Parents tend to love this very swing more because of extreme durability and most importantly, higher safety.

This swing suits nicely with most kind of swing set, so you don’t have to worry about that. Besides that, the manufacturer has priced this swing pretty reasonably, you don’t have to dig deeper into your pocket to get this model.

It features a T-bar that holds your baby safe when he or she is swinging in the breeze. There are some models, where you cannot easily pit your baby because of the safety feature.

But in this very model, the T-bar rotates all the way to down. You put the T-bar down, then put your baby on the seat and pull the T-bar up and lock it on the place. Simple and easy!

For added safety, this swing comes with shoulder straps as well. If the straps are worn, your baby is entirely safe. Moreover, these straps are adjustable as well, allowing you to set it according to your baby’s body size. The weight limit is 50-pound and is designed for babies under 3 years.

[i2pros]Very easy to clean.
Highly safe swing.
Comes with shoulder strap.
Easy to put the baby.
Reasonable price.[/i2pros]
[i2cons] With time swing rope deteriorates. [/i2cons]

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Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat

Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat

This is another good option where you can trust blindly. The Step2 Infant To toddler swing seat is the highly safe swing that promises to keep your baby on the seat no matter what. And as per the parent, it keeps the promise.

Though this is on the outdoor child swing list it can be used in both indoor and outdoor. The manufacturer has used resistant type plastic material in the construction, which makes it highly durable. The plastic used in the construction is top-notch.

It can hold up to 50-pound weight, so for both infants and toddlers, this will be a nice choice. And like the previous one, it is suitable for most kinds of baby swing sets. The way the seat and the safety system is designed, it fits the baby securely and snugly.

The rope used in the construction is weather-resistant so do not worry of the swing is getting wet in the rain and dry in summer.

Cleaning this swing is very easy, no complexity. Just wash the way you washcloth but avoid washing machine. Like the previously reviewed swing, this one also comes with a pretty low price tag. Overall a good option. Safety and durability, you will get both with this very Step2 infant To toddler swing seat.

[i2pros]Very easy to clean.
Affordable price.
Weather-resistant rope.
Durable construction.
Fits pretty well.[/i2pros]
[i2cons]You might struggle a bit while putting the baby on the seat. [/i2cons]

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BBCare 3-In-1 Child To Teenager Secure Swing

BBCare 3-In-1 Child To Teenager Secure Swing

Presenting another best rated outdoor swing, the BBcare teenager secure swing. You can use this very swing for both teenagers and toddlers. The seat is pretty comfortable and the way it is designed, it keeps the baby safe while swinging.

It comes with a built-in T bar which cannot be moved. We think the fixed T-bar is a downside of this swing since you cannot easily put your baby on the seat. First, you will need to stable the seat by having someone holding it and then it will be easier for you to put your kid inside.

If you are a choosy person, then you can from different colors, it comes in several colors. Comes with a shoulder strap that keeps your baby on the place doesn’t matter how fast or hard they swing. And the shoulder strap is adjustable, so you can adjust it according to your baby’s size.

The height of this swing is adjustable as well, if your teenage kid is short in height, you can lower the height so that they could get on the seat on their own.

The manufacturer has constructed this swing pretty well, with top-notch materials. And that resulted in such top-notch and durable swing. Though they have used plastic, high-quality plastic.

The rope is weather resistant, do not worry if your baby swing is getting wet in the rain and dry in summer. Lastly, the price of this very swing is a little expensive. That is obvious since the quality is top-notch, the price will be a little high.

[i2pros]Offers height adjustability.
Extra hook rope for safety.
Suits most swing sets.
Easy to clean.
Perfect fit.[/i2pros]
[i2cons]Little expensive.
Fixed T-bar. [/i2cons]

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Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Set

Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Set

This Wooden Horse Toddler Swingset is really an expensive one and has a valid reason for that as well. We are going to discuss one by one. The manufacturer has used all the environ-friendly materials in the construction to keep both the environment and your kid safe and sound.

It comes with cotton rope and untreated smoothed wood. The horse was tested in the laboratory for compliance with the USCPC guidelines.

This swing looks pretty classy and because of the horse design, your kid might love it more. Kids from 6 months to 3-years can effortlessly use this swing.

And this swing can hold up to 44-pounds weight. All the edges of the swing are sanded and rounded, so there is no threat to your kid. You can use this swing in both indoor and outdoor. And it would not be an eye shore, it will suit both indoor and outdoor.

The way it is constructed, it is highly durable, a lot of users are using this and according to them, it is really long-lasting. The rope used in this are wear-resistant and they are hand-crafted as well. Though the price is a little high. But would be an excellent choice for everyone.

[i2pros]Highly durable.
Wear-resistant rope.
Highly safe.
Versatile baby swing.
Supports 44-pounds weight.[/i2pros]
[i2cons]Little expensive. [/i2cons]

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Sportspower My First Toddler Swing

Sportspower My First Toddler Swing

Now, this is a best outdoor swing for toddler that has earned best-seller tag as well. Presenting the Sportspower My First Toddler Swing. Form good safety to durability to low price, you are getting all of them from this very baby swing.

Actually, this is not only a baby swing, but it is also a baby outdoor swing set. Yes! It comes with the stand as well where you add the swing, so no need to climb a tree or use anything else. Time to set the swing on the right place.

This swing is suitable for toddlers from 9-month age to 3 years old. And can support weight up to 55-pounds. Moreover, the frame of this baby swing is collapsible which allows you to use it inside or outside anywhere. Moving it to places is no issue at all.

It comes at lighter weight but is highly durable. The manufacturer has used molded plastic in the construction of the seat and the seat is actually durable. Along with the seat, you get a harness and a swing bar as well. Both of these keeps your kid highly safe doesn’t matter how they are swinging.

The swing seat height is adjustable. That being said, the frame height is not adjustable. It meets all the ASTM safety standards, so you don’t have to worry much about it. Assembling and disassembling, both are pretty easy with this model, maximum takes 10-minutes. Since this is not only a swing, it is a complete set. And if we compare, the price of this very model is cheaper.

[i2pros]Foldable frame.
Adjustable height.
Highly safe swing seat.
Easy to assemble.
Meets all the safety standards.[/i2pros]
[i2cons]Since the swing is lightweight, it is not for heavier kids. [/i2cons]

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Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe First Swing

Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe First Swing

If your kid loves the car, then he or she is going to love this Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe First Swing definitely. Because the manufacturer has combined the car design with this very swing.

The swing seat comes with the car horn and the wheels, these will give your kid a feeling of flying the car. Not only that, like a car, there is a seat belt as well which promises to prevent the accidental fall of your kid.

This swing is constructed with top-notch materials which makes it highly durable. It features weather-resistant rope, so it is going to last for very long, do not worry about that. This swing is suitable for 1 to 3-years old kids. And can support a maximum 50-pounds weight. Assembling this swing set is pretty easy, shouldn’t take more than 10-minutes. And very easy to clean as well.

[i2pros]Combined with car design.
Comes with a safety belt.
Supports 50-pounds weight.
Easy to assemble and clean.
Highly durable.
Weather-resistant rope.[/i2pros]
[i2cons]Deck height is very high.
Car stickers peel off with time. [/i2cons]

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Happy PIE PLAY & Adventure Secure Canvas Hanging Swing

Happy PIE PLAY & Adventure Secure Canvas Hanging Swing

This another classy looking baby swing that suits wherever you place it. The HAPPY PIE PLAY & Adventure Secure Canvas Hanging Swing, one of the top outdoor swings of the market right now and because of the classy design and color it has become more famous over time.

Offers different color options, you can pick your preferred color. This very swing is designed for a kid under 6 to 3-years old. Having that said, our suggestion would be to use this swing for a kid older than 1-year. Since this doesn’t come with any safety harness, you will need to keep your eye on your kid all the time.

The construction is top-notch which makes this entire swing highly durable and long-lasting. The manufacturer has used a wood frame for added strength. Your kid will be very comfortable sitting on the swing because of the cushioning.

The entire seat is properly cushioned which delivers additional comfort to your baby. The length of the swing is adjustable according to your baby’s need. It can support 100 pounds’ weight maximum, well that’s a lot.

[i2pros]Comes with eye-catchy design.
The seat is properly cushioned.
Supports 100-pound weight.
Heavily constructed.
Comes in different colors.[/i2pros]
[i2cons]Comes with no safety harness.[/i2cons]

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Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat

Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat

Presenting a highly sturdy baby swing model, the Eastern Jungle Gym full bucket toddler swing. This one is more suited to the toddler than the 1-year kid. It is designed with chains that are around 66-inches long and can be hooked easily with any swing set bar beam.

And the way the chains are coated that is eye-catchy as well, the yellow plastisol coating makes it look really good. However, there is nothing in this swing that might pinch your kid while swinging, don’t worry about that.

The design of this swing is best suited to outdoor. The chains are rust-resistant so keep that on the playground always won’t be an issue. Have you noticed the Full Bucket thing in the name?

The seat of this swing looks like a bucket and it is deep offering great back support. This is why you can be assured that your kid won’t fall accidentally. It can support 150-pounds weight maximum and is the only swing of this list that supports this much weight.

[i2pros]Highly strong swing.
Supports 150-pound weight.
The chains are rust-proof.
Easy to assemble.[/i2pros]
[i2cons]Yellow chain coating deteriorates.[/i2cons]

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Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing

Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing

This is another cheapest model of our list and yet another nice baby outside swings for your infant. Have a look at the Little Tikes High Back toddler swing, comes with a higher back that provides your kid with enough comfort and back support.

It can support maximum 50-pounds so make sure your kid weighs below that. Otherwise, go for a stronger one.

The center of this swing swat is molded which keeps your baby safe inside the seat no matter what. But has a wider leg opening so that your kid can sit comfortably.

The ropes are weather-resistant and this swing can be attached to most baby swing bars. Though the seat is made of plastic but offers long-lasting service.

[i2pros]Super easy to install.
Good quality seat and rope.
Offers good back support.
Comes at cheap price.[/i2pros]
[i2cons]Comes with no safety harness. [/i2cons]

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SAFARI SWINGS High Back Full Bucket Kids Swing Seat (USA MADE)

SAFARI SWINGS High Back Full Bucket Kids Swing Seat (USA MADE, Includes 67" of Coated Chain, 2 Quick Links) Green Outdoor Baby, Children & Toddler Swing Set Accessories For The Playground, Backyard

And finally here comes the last baby swing of this review. The Safari Swing seat set is a highly comfortable baby swing that your kids are definitely going to love.

It is suitable for kids under 50-pound . Heavily constructed and the seat looks pretty ergonomic. It comes with a seat safety harness that will hold your kid on seat no matter what. And the ropes are high quality stainless steel hardware with plastic coated galvanized chain!.

The shape of this swing seat is very comfortable, feels very secure. It would be a nice model bucket swing for baby but make sure that weight limit suits.

[i2pros]High Quality durable plastic constructed seat.
Age limit: 6 month to 4 years.
Comes with a safety harness.
Super safety and comfortable grip
Affordable price.[/i2pros]
[i2cons]Locking the straps are a little hard. [/i2cons]

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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Swing for Baby?

There are factors that separate a good baby swing from the crowd. And if you have no prior experience in buying a baby swing for outdoor, we urge you to go through the below guide and choose wisely. Before you purchase a swing, make sure you consider all these factors. We have discussed every factor in details, you should easily understand everything.

Give it a shot!


The age of your kid is one of the most important things to consider first before buying a baby swing for outdoor. There are different weight limits for different swings. So there is a separate swing for infant, separate for the toddler.

For infants, swings come with high safety features. And you will get to see high versatility in toddler swings. So before you purchase a best outdoor swing for baby, make sure you pick the one that is designed for your kid’s age.


Picking the swing constructed with the right material makes sure that you are investing on the right item. The overall durability of the swing depends on material quality. Swings constructed with top-notch materials last longer, and cheap material constructed swings wear off pretty easily, they are not safe as well. Manufacturers use different types of materials such as wood, plastic, steel, etc.

Among all these wood material is the expensive and highly durable one. There are different types of woods, redwoods, cedar, preserved pines, etc.

Cedarwood is highly known for its extreme durability, therefor expensive as well. Redwood baby swings look very stunning. And preserved pine wood is extremely durable that can even outlast you.

Deck height

The deck height means the gap between the ground and the swing, Normally, the deck height in most outdoor baby swings are around 4 to 6 feet. And some can go 8 feet as well.

However, for a toddler, the gap or distance should be low since they will try to get on the swing on their own. That being said, in most swings the deck height is adjustable, so experience few heights and fixed ones which suitable for your toddler.

Frame base

The swing frame comes with mainly two bases, either angular or square. Square base designs offer small rooms under the deck and allow you to install small tables, etc. on it. On the other hand, the angular base offers a big room under the deck. However, when it comes to stability, the base design matters a lot. But thankfully, both base designs are highly stable.
Read also: Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces


We have seen many parents looking very lightweight baby swing set so that they can easily carry it anywhere. But remember, lightweight swing sets are less stable. If your kid is a little heavy and makes a long swing, the frame can tip over injuring your kid. So try to pick a heavy swing set. The heavier the set, the more stable it is.

Advance Safety Tips For Swinging Outdoor

If you have done the job of picking the best outdoor baby swing that is highly safe and durable, you have done most of your work. But there is something still to do, to ensure that your infant stays safe.

After purchasing the swing set, there is some other consideration as well that parents have to make. We have added an advanced safety tips guide below, where we have discussed with some factors that are needed to keep your baby safe.

Here you go!

Place the swing set on the softer surface

A lot of kid injuries happen because of the accidental falls and you cannot stop your kid to jump or run when he or she is in the playground. And you cannot take the risk as well, because anything serious can happen. So to make sure that your kid doesn’t end up crying in the playground, you can put the baby swing set on a softer surface. If anyhow your kid falls from the swing, it won’t hurt bad. If you can’t manage a soft place, then make one.

You can use sand, foam, shredded rubber, mulch, etc. Gives them under the swing, or the slide. Your kids will enjoy more and you will be worry-free.

Ensure the swing is installed properly

Not only the swing, any toy or any stuff that has something to do with your kid, make sure that is installed properly. It could be a swing, could be a slide, could be stairs, etc. After you install then, try to put as much pressure you can give, just to check that everything is alright.

Pick a ground that is even

Another reason for accidental falls while running or walking on the uneven surface. If you have a bumpy yard, then make it level first. And then install the baby swing or anything else.

No loose clothing while playing

 When your kids will be swinging, no matter what do not allow them to wear loose-fit clothes. This is a playground rule that every parent should follow. They should wear clothes that fit them properly, even tight clothes will work. There won’t be any chance of shirt or pant being snagged by the swing set, resulting in a bad injury.

No loose clothing while playing

 When your kids will be swinging, no matter what do not allow them to wear loose-fit clothes. This is a playground rule that every parent should follow. They should wear clothes that fit them properly, even tight clothes will work. There won’t be any chance of shirt or pant being snagged by the swing set, resulting in a bad injury.

Frequently Asked Questions –

  • At what age a baby can swing?

A baby is ready for swing after he or she is one-year-old. However, most parents let their 6 or 8 months baby swing regularly which is not appropriate we think. 1-year is the ideal age.

  • What’s the weight limit for a baby swing?

Different swing models come with a different weight limit. But the highest we have seen is 55-pounds.

  • Are infant swings safe?

Absolutely! Now there are a lot of models that meet the U.S safety standards. But when buying a swing you have to use your brain a bit. Looks for higher safety features in the swing such as bar, straps, etc.

  • Is it OK for a newborn to sleep in swing?

Occasionally, it is fine! But if you make your baby sleep every day with swing, that will turn into a very bad habit.

  • What is the best outdoor baby swing?

The Little tikes 2-in-1 baby swing, and the Step2 infant To toddler swing seat is the best we have.

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 These are the 10 best outdoor baby swing you will find in the market right now. Telling again, follow all the safety tips given in this guide because it is about your precious tiny baby.

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