Fisher Price Deluxe Take-Along Swing And Seat Reviews​

Take-along seats have quite literally revolutionized the way we take care of their children these days. These handy little contraptions allow the parents to carry their children around and set them sown safely as they run their other errands. Take-along seats are also great when you are just spending time with your child in the house. Their usefulness has created a niche in the market that is filled with countless brands. One of the best is the Fisher Price Deluxe take along swing and seat. As the name suggests, it is both a child seat and a portable swing.It has loads of amazing features for the baby to enjoy and the parent to benefit from.

This swing and seat combo has some pretty amazing features. These include:

  1. It uses Fisher Price Smart Swing Technology
  2. Can be used as a stationary baby seat
  3. Inbuilt sound system
  4. Comes with an infant insert
  5. Overhead canopy
  6. Pros
  7. Cons
  8. Conclusion

It Uses Fisher Price Smart Swing Technology

This applies when the take-along is set on swing mode. The Smart Swing Technology works by automating the entire swinging process. As soon as you place the child on the take-along, the seat detects the weight change and automatically begins the swinging motion. The speed is predetermined but you can adjust to suit the baby’s needs. There are six different speed settings to choose from. The smart swing technology also allows automatically stops the swinging motion at preset times. This feature comes in handy during the baby’s nap time when you don’t want them woken up by the swinging motion after they drift off.

Can Be Used As A Stationary Baby Seat

As the name suggests, the Fisher Price Deluxe is a two in one product. The second part is the stationary seat. This seat is designed to release soothing vibrations to calm the baby while they are on it. The seat is best used when you are carrying the baby around in the take along seat. This is because when stationary, the seat is a whole lot easier to carry than dealing with a loaded swinging seat.

Inbuilt Sound System

This system consists of ten soothing songs and an assortment of nature sounds. These help to keep the child calm and entertained. This feature makes your life a whole lot easier while you take care of the child. This is because keeping them preoccupied reduces their chances of getting cranky resulting in an easier time babysitting.

Comes With An Infant Insert

The take along swing and seat is designed for children under 30 pounds. This means that children who are about two years and younger can comfortably use the seat. With infants,however, it is a little tricky to keep them stable on the seat on account of their tiny sizes.It is for this reason that infant inserts are so useful with child seats. Unlike other brands,the Fisher Price Deluxe Take-along Swing and Seat comes with its very own infant insert. This detachable accessory helps to reinforce your newborn’s safety and comfort.

Overhead Canopy

The Fisher Price Deluxe has a canopy attached on the top part of the set hanging above the child. This canopy has two key functions. The first is that it acts as a protective cover for the child against wind and direct sunlight. This is useful especially where you plan on using the seat to carry your baby around outdoors for fun or to run errands. The second purpose of this canopy is as a toy station. There is a fun and colorful toy birds and a fox attached on to the canopy above the seat. These are there for the child’s amusement and entertainment.

[i2pros]It is easy to set up for use and to take down for storage.
It consumes little storage space as it can be completely folded.
It is easy to carry around due to the presence of the overhead handle.
It is safe for the body due to the presence of the five point restraint.
It is stable on whatever surface due to the no-skid stands and the wide base design.
It is easy to clean and maintain.[/i2pros]
[i2cons]It cannot be used by children over 25 pounds. [/i2cons]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

  • Does The Fisher Price Deluxe Come With Its Own Batteries Or Will I Have To Buy My Own?​

The four batteries required are not provided. You are, however, provided with a plugin cable that allows you to use power from any outlet in your home.

  • Does the product come pre-assembled?

No. you will have to set it up yourself. The set-up, however is very easy to do on your own.


If you are looking for a great take-along seat you’re your new born child or for a friend with one, the Fisher Price Deluxe is one of the best choices you have. With all the amazing features and the ease of use, you are sure to have a calm and happy baby wherever you are.

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