What is Your Preparation Of Your Baby’s First Birthday?

Your baby’s first birthday is paramount. It’s a high point that you should celebrate with lots of fun to keep it superb. Like preparing a checklist for items for your newborn, it can also be very devastating when making your child’s first birthday. At the age of one, the child has now grown. Therefore, this is the time … Read more

How Can I Keep Safe My Baby In the Car?

In ​November 2019, Shepard, son to Derek, died at a Day Care Center while sleeping in a car seat. Investigations suggested that he suffocated. You’ve perhaps severally heard about children who die on car seats — maybe they were asleep or the position was unsuitable for them. Experts have now warned parents to be watchful with baby carriers such … Read more

Which Baby Items Are A Waste Of Money

Which Baby Items Are A Waste Of Money?

There’s this client who walked into my office seeking help for enlightenment. “Last winter my husband and I had our first baby,” she started. “We bought too many tiny clothes and shoes, and it’s now two months later our baby cannot fit in them,” she said. I’d imagine that you’ve experienced a similar thing. Perhaps … Read more

Baby Essential Items List

It can be very overwhelming on what to buy for your new little bundle of joy that you’ve waited for nine months now! Perhaps you’re a first-time parent, and you don’t have any experience on newborn’s essential items. Whichever the circumstance, all you need is to buy everything your baby needs. It is not late! … Read more

Utilizing Your Baby Swing for Lifetime

Utilizing Your Baby Swing for Lifetime

So, you once bought swings for baby, right? Do you remember the first time when you bought swings for baby? It was fun and it was an awesome thing to do. The days have gone by and suddenly, one day you come to realize that your baby is no more using the swing. What do you … Read more

Baby Swing for Baby Boy

Introduction Baby swings are made for both boys and girls. Babies love to play, fun and engage with a snug. Especially, baby boys are making fun with their parents. A swing for a baby boy has got all the traits that a full-sized baby swing could have. Robust tube metal designed frame, six swing speeds, … Read more

Outside Swing For Baby, Is it Safe?

Introduction The outdoor swing is called the infant to toddler swing. It helps to spread the child development from infant to toddler. It definitely suits for the child under the ages of six months to four years. The Ages may vary from product to product. Different types of outdoor swings are available in the market. Outdoor swing … Read more

Who Should Buy a Full-size Baby Swing?

Introduction Full-sized baby swings are mostly used for indoor use. It depends on the swing size, model and price. Newborn babies especially 25 or 30 pounds. Full-sized swing offers loads of attributes like; music, two swinging motions, five point harness, toy bars and smart technology. The purpose of the full-sized swing is to keep baby safe at … Read more

What Types of Music and Settings Should You Apply for Your Infant?

Introduction Many baby swings are available in the market and they are integrating different music settings and swing mode. Sometimes it is hard for the parents to choose the right and compatible music for their child. Parents need to understand or identify the baby’s mood and how their infant reacts to certain music. Parents can … Read more

Battery or Power Cord Baby Swing?

Introduction Baby swing runs with two options battery or plugs in. Most of the baby swings have the two options available. Either you can turn it on by using batteries or power electricity. Some baby swing integrates all in one facilities. Some have converted into two parts. Lots of baby swings can be converted into two parts; … Read more

Handy Safety Tips You Need to Know to for Best Baby Swings

Handy Safety Tips You Need to Know to for Best Baby Swings If you are a lazy mom like me, you’d want to buy a baby swing to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Seriously, attending a newborn or a toddler can be a daunting task when you have lots to take care of at … Read more

Simple Tips for Baby Swing

How to Properly Clean and Wash Swing Seats & Frame? You need to wash with cold water, using washing machine, need to whirling in washing machine, need to do drip-dried as you want. Don’t use any bleach. To wash the frame using of warm water & home using soap is best. No need to using any … Read more

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