Who Should Buy a Full-size Baby Swing?


Full-sized baby swings are mostly used for indoor use. It depends on the swing size, model and price. Newborn babies especially 25 or 30 pounds. Full-sized swing offers loads of attributes like; music, two swinging motions, five point harness, toy bars and smart technology. The purpose of the full-sized swing is to keep baby safe at home. The swing can’t move from one place to another on a regular basis.

So, If you have scarcity of space, traveling from one place to another, frequently visit outside home, then a portable swing may be right for you.

  1. Swing and Removable Rocker
  2. Parents Who Stay at Home
  3. Applicable if Your Room Size is Big
  4. Five Point Harness
  5. Motion and Movement of the Swing

Swing and Removable Rocker

If you are at home or travel often then swing with two parts are best for you. Graco Duet soothes swing and rocker are the best option for that. It has two parts. One is the swing stand base and another one is the cradle.

Parents have the flexibility and complete freedom to move around the house while keeping baby close by. You can always keep an eye on your baby. It gives you the feeling that your baby is safe and secure. The seat of the swing is detachable and after taking it off it turns out to be a rocker or bouncer.

If you are going outside not frequently but often then two in one swing product is perfect for the parents. It can balance your work and look after your kids as well.

Parents Who Stay at Home

Parents who would love to stay at home can buy a full-sized swing product. It usually runs by the power. You don’t need to buy batteries after a few months regularly. Full-sized swing offers the best attributes than any other swings available in the market.

Applicable if Your Room Size is Big

A full-sized swing fits for those who have a bigger room in the house. It takes loads of space and it is weighty. The swing cannot easily move-able from one room to another. The size of the swing is pretty big as well. The swing is tall almost six feet. It needs to be spacious and wide room.

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Five Point Harness

Full-sized swing five point harness definitely ensures the security and safety. Five point harnesses is attached with the swing seats. The belts are adjustable and will keep baby snug and secure.

Safety becomes the importance and has always been a major concern for your baby. So, it feels great if your baby is secure and protected. It’s always better to have the extra benefits.

Five straps are more protected than three straps. So, to wear five belts are always better and safe rather than wearing three straps. It keeps baby moving or falling out from the seat and crawling baby on the ground. Five point harnesses is safer than three point harness.

Motion and Movement of the Swing

The full-sized swings have both the options. It moves your baby from side to side and head to toe, you just need to convert the seating position. In portable swing it is not possible because the bouncer has no swing base stand.


Safety has always been a prime concern for a newborn baby. The Full-sized swing has got it all to keep your baby safe and secure.

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