Handy Safety Tips You Need to Know to for Best Baby Swings

If you are a lazy mom like me, you’d want to buy a baby swing to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Seriously, attending a newborn or a toddler can be a daunting task when you have lots to take care of at home or in business.

An ideal baby swing is one of many solutions to your problem. It keeps your child entertained, safe as well as comfortable while sleeping. But even the best ones require you to take some precautions while your baby enjoys the comfort and the gentle motion.

In this article, we’ll discuss what safety measures you can take even with the best baby swings around just to be extra cautious. So, read on.

Why Opt for Additional Safety Precautions?

That is a valid question. I am sure you are intrigued by this topic. In my Best Baby Swing Buying Guide, I stressed enough on safety protocols of the swings you choose. But why emphasize on it even more?

The answer is quite simple; you can never be too cautious with the comfort of your little angel.

Even though you are leaving your baby in a comfy place tucked in and in sleep, sleeping for too long or in one position can cause some discomfort to your child without you noticing it. Let me quote you a valuable line from a publication on Pediatrics:

“Sitting devices, such as car safety seats, strollers, swings, infant carriers, and infant slings, are not recommended for routine sleep in the hospital or at home,”

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Alarming, right? Well, thankfully, you can make sure this doesn’t happen while your baby spends time in the swing. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY we need to follow some safety precautions. Let me go through a few which I undertook during the initial years of my kids. Believe me, they work, and I’ve tested them on both of my kids.

What Safety Precautions Should You Take for Your Child’s Baby Swing?

I am picky when it comes to advising people to choose a baby swing for toddlers or infants. I wouldn’t recommend you any model unless it is adequately safe, to begin with. But there can be no substitute for a human touch, right? I insist you assure that the following measures are taken from your end.

I get that this is sort of buying advice, but you must look at these three numbers before you buy something like a swing. Every manufacturer company has put age limits, weight and height restrictions for each model.

You don’t want to use baby swings that are for toddlers when your kid is in “Infant” stage. Because it will be too big for him. The infant baby swings can be the opposite for toddlers.

Kids tend to outgrow everything within a short time. That goes for swings too. Keep that in mind while buying one. This can cause serious pain. Also, you don’t want your baby to get stuck while it tries to move. When your child gains some weight, and you see the swing wearing down, give it up before it cracks or breaks to avoid hurting your little one.

Buying a Baby Swing? Look at Your Baby’s Height, Weight, and Age:

Trust me, it is for your baby’s safety. You don’t want to place the swing anywhere you don’t have a direct view of. You need to keep your kid near even when he/she is using it. It is best for his/her safety that you keep track of the swing and the child’s movements.

Be sure to put the swing on what we call a “Levelled Surface”. Otherwise, it can topple over once you try to get it down or adjust or just slip up. Also, placing these in the same vicinity with your pets is a bad idea. They can easily topple the swing even when you are paying attention.

Be sure to put the swing on what we call a “Levelled Surface”. Otherwise, it can topple over once you try to get it down or adjust or just slip up. Also, placing these in the same vicinity with your pets is a bad idea. They can easily topple the swing even when you are paying attention.

Don’t Leave Your Baby Even for A Moment

Babies can be impatient. Even if you have the best baby swings at your disposal, they’ll find a way to fiddle with it. You need to keep your little one under constant surveillance. I am talking about constant visual contact. Don’t let your baby out of your sight even for a moment.

Can Your Baby Escape from the Swing? If So, Change It

Remember what I said about your kid being too big for the swing earlier? Well, if the child grows up and learns to move his feet, you’ll be better off with a baby swing for toddler rather than an infant.

If your kid wiggles his feet and stops the swing in the middle of motion, it can end badly for him. Your child can even sustain injuries. So, it is safe to opt for a bigger swing.

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Few Technical Safety Guidelines

  • If your kid is just under four months old, make sure the baby swing is at a maximum reclined position. It will prevent slumping down.
  • ​If your child’s baby swing seat reclines more than 50 degrees, get shoulder straps for your kid.
  • The surface of the cradle of the swing should be flat. You don’t want the little one to tip over and fall when it operates or stops.
  • Make sure your kid doesn’t rip apart the toys of the swing too easily.

Parting Words

Even with the standard harness system, the best baby swings can only do so much to keep your kid safe. Ultimately, it is our job as parents to devise some backup plans for them. The infants and toddlers should be attended carefully and always. These bits of advice will certainly help with the safety of our boys and girls. Just make sure that you have the necessary things sorted out before you leave them in the swing to take care of your business.

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