Battery or Power Cord Baby Swing?


Baby swing runs with two options battery or plugs in. Most of the baby swings have the two options available. Either you can turn it on by using batteries or power electricity. Some baby swing integrates all in one facilities. Some have converted into two parts. Lots of baby swings can be converted into two parts; swing and removable rocker or bouncer. Swing that is removable is good for the parents who move around the house frequently. The rocker part of the swing runs by the battery. So, if you have enough money convertible swings are advisable to those.


Battery power is a common feature in a swing. The requirement of the battery depends on the size and capacity of the swing. Some swings require 4 D battery and some require a 5D battery.


Almost every swing has got a plug in option. Swing runs by the electricity power. It does include 120-volt AC adapter. Power drives the swing very smoothly. A small covered wire is attached right at the back of the tube metal designed frame.

Vibrating Function

The seat of the baby swing is attached with a vibrating function. Underneath the seat, there is a battery box. To vibrate the seat of the baby swing, it requires a battery to work. Plug-in is not enough for that.

Advantages of Using Battery

It has been often said that battery is too expensive and the operating cost is too high but it has some advantages as well. Portable baby swings are only run by batteries. When you move around or travel a lot, portable swings are the best option. So, make sure that the batteries it requires are widely accessible. If you go out for a long distance then there is nothing incomparable than a portable swing. Make sure that small shops are available nearby to your home for batteries. Batteries with rechargeable energy are the best friend of your baby swing. A battery will save your cost in the long run if you have the tendency to go out with your baby frequently.

Disadvantages of Using Battery

Battery is too expensive sometimes if the size of the swing is too big. If your budget is economical and low then batteries are not a good option.

Advantages of Power Cord

Full sized baby swings are compatible for power cords. Simply put the plug in and your baby swing is ready to be used. No battery or changes are needed to be doing. It is completely hassling free. It saves money compare to battery swing.

Disadvantages of Power Cord

It is fixed and not removable. You cannot move it from one place to another. If your room has got only one socket then you can’t move the swing from that room.


The entire or full size of the baby swing is more appropriate to run by power. The portable or convertible baby swing is more appropriate to run with batteries. Batteries and power cord both are essential according to the demand and size of the swing.

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