As another parent, you have a mind-boggling number of choices to make. While it is amusing to peruse arrangements of baby names and pick hues for the nursery, the most critical choices are those, which specifically influence your baby’s health. Choosing the correct sort of mattress for your child is imperative. However, it can be confounding. When you’re out shopping, it is critical to understand that there are contrasts between some crib and toddler mattresses, in spite of their similitude.

  1. Size
  2. Firmness
  3. Materials
  4. Things to consider


Crib Mattress –

The dimensions of a crib mattress are unique in relation to some toddler mattresses. Crib mattresses must be 51 5/8-by-27 1/4-inches wide, and no thicker than 6 inches. It is illicit for crib mattresses to be some other dimensions.

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Toddler Mattress-

Most toddler beds are made particularly to fit crib mattresses, so the dominant part of toddler mattresses are an indistinguishable size from crib mattresses. Notwithstanding, a toddler mattress does not legitimately need to be a sure size, and size or thickness may shift, contingent upon mark.


While some toddler mattresses might be soft and cozy, it is vital for baby mattresses to be firm. Soft mattresses are a danger to babies because of the dangers of suffocation and SIDS. As children get more seasoned, the odds of suffocation gets more substantially less. That’s why a few guardians select a softer toddler mattress, for comfort.So the things are –

Crib –

This types of mattress are not so soft and cozy but comfortable. If you think it is hard, then it is wrong. Actually, these mattresses are neither hard nor soft but plain and too much comfortable.


These are actually soft. But not that soft that your child sinks down. It is comfortable too. But these types are kind of soft that helps to continue the air circulation inside the mattress.


Most baby mattresses are either innerspring or froth with a vinyl coating. Mattresses with vinyl or waterproof coating are additionally valuable to toddlers, who may, in any case, douse through diapers or wet the bed amid potty preparing.

Toddler mattresses in some cases offer more choices, for example, adjustable foam and pad top, because of the diminished danger of SIDS. Materials utilized as a part of influencing baby and toddler mattresses to differ generally with value extend. Numerous guardians pick natural mattresses to abstain from presenting their children to risky chemicals.

Toddler –

Memory foam and springs also are used to make a toddler one.


These are actually made o very soft and organic cotton.

Things to consider

While it might entice to purchase the least expensive baby mattress you can discover, recollect that your child’s wellbeing ought to be your first thought in making your buy. A mattress that is too soft can expand the danger of SIDS. Moreover, on the off chance that you need your infant to have the capacity to utilize a similar mattress through her toddler years, you have to consider how the nature of your baby’s mattress may influence its solidness.

One more thing. If your baby is too much newborn that means he/she is less than 12 months,the crib mattresses are perfect, because these types of mattress are specially built for the age that less than 12 months. But these are better for those kids who are above 12 months. It’s not a problem to use a crib mattress rather better because it is specially made with organic components.

Now if you have a child that is 12 to 36 months aged then a toddler mattress is far better. Because toddler mattress is a bit soft than crib one and it is the specialized thing for this type of aged kid.

But the decision is yours. There are lots of factors. Sometimes mattress can cause various disease. So what you need to do is just be careful.  Use any of these two types, no problem at all. Because these are specially made for your noob child.

But when there is an adult person, he or she has back pain, or he or she is afraid of back then he or she needs to know about it, and also he/she needs to find out the best mattress that helps that person to avoid such kind of problems (Back Pain).

So get the proper information, gather proper knowledge, buy the suitable one and keep yourself safe and healthy.

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