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Do you have newborn crawling babies around you? Are you still using regular home cleaners? If your answer is “YES”, you may need to change those regular cleaning products immediately with child-safe cleaning products to ensure your child’s safety.

A crawling baby in the home means your home is much dirtier than it used to be before but that’s pretty obvious thing. As usual dirtier home means hard cleaning, right? But you have to pay maximum attention to cleaning products.

We know, child’s skin remains very sensitive at the very early age. So before you get started scrubbing every dirty floor to make them shine, keep in mind that harsh cleaning products can harm your child’s airways, skin, eyes and more.

And today we are going to let you know, why regular cleaners are not suitable for babies and some tips about baby safe cleaning. So let’s get started,

Why Should You Avoid Regular Household Cleaners?

It’s true that some regular household cleaner with rough ingredients cleans off deadly germs and take out strains but these cleaners are threads to your child, they can harm your child’s in various ways. Take a look…

Eye Irritation:

Most household regular cleaners contain fumes. These fumes can disturb your baby’s eyes. Fumes can cause watering and eye redness.

Some cleaners can cause serious damage to child’s eyes if dropped directly in eyes. So be very careful.

Eczema: As we said back child’s skin remains very sensitive at the very early age. According to a study, some allergens and irritants which are mixed in household cleaners can cause skin irritation. Detergent is another reason for skin irritation.

Airway irritation: Some strong fumes from regular household cleaners can affect child’s airways. These fumes can cause asthma or allergy.

Allergies: According to some studies it has been proved that, if you have a very clean house, that can raise the long-time risk of allergies to your child. And doctors named it “Hygiene Hypothesis”.  It may sound lame but its true that without some germs child’s immune system doesn’t grow normally, it becomes hypersensitive instead.

Hygiene hypothesis means the child will overreact to harmless allergens, pollen, dander, etc.

Poison: Do you know how many children die every year because of drinking household cleaners? 1 million. These cleaners contain some kind of poison, which are deadly for kids.

Other Health effects: I am sure everyone noticed that most household cleaners have fragrances which carry different chemicals (Phthalates). Actually, we are not so sure about this but we don’t want you to take any risk about your child’s safety. Researchers found these chemicals can cause hormonal imbalance.

Some Tips about Child-Safe Cleaning Products

There are tons of ways for child safe cleaning which will keep your child safe and also will keep your house clean. We won’t be able to cover up all ways but few famous ways, which most parents are trying now. Take a look…

Safe Household Cleaners: You have to be very careful to choose safe household cleaners. Some expert says you should use those household cleaners which are less caustic and skin friendly. 0

How would you know which cleaners are less harmful and skin friendly?

Choose Non-toxic and Green cleaners or use those who have “VOC-Free” or “Petroleum-Free” or “Phosphate-Free” or “biodegradable-Free” or “Solvent-Free” these seals on their body.

Mix: You will find some household cleaners which can be mixed with water and also cleans very effectively. Mixing cleaner with water will make your cleaning liquid less harmful which will keep your child safe. Doing this will save your money also.

Mop: If you have a crawling baby that means you have clean floors perfectly and for that, you will need a mop. There are lots of mops available for different floors. For example, if you have tile floors then you have to choose the best mop for tile floors. Choosing the best one will give you relief from back pain and effective cleaning. But after doing the cleaning work, keep the mop at a place where your child can’t reach.

Don’t use spray: Do not use spray carpet cleaners on carpets. Researchers found that chemical carpet cleaners carry some harmful ingredients which remain trapped in carpet and that is very dangerous for kids.

You can steam cleaner along with water but do not use detergents.

DIY Cleaners: If you want you can make your own cleaning liquid all by yourself in the home with regular things. The advantage of making this is, you know what exactly you are using and obviously, you won’t use anything that can harm your child. DIY cleaners will reduce the stress you have around child safe cleaning products.

Let others know: If you have someone who helps you do all the household stuffs at home, like a cleaning service or a babysitter, let them know how you clean, how much liquid cleaner you use and which one you use.

Keep children away: Don’t clean the room when a child is playing in the same room. Fragrances can cause harm. Most importantly, keep your cleaning product away from the child. Keep them in a place where children can’t reach.

 So it’s time to wrap up the whole article. We hope this baby-safe cleaning article will help you to keep your baby safe. And if you think we have missed something please let us know and if you liked this article don’t forget to share. Goodbye.

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