Toddler and Infant Car Seat Placement Guideline

The Toddler and infant car seats are specially designed for the children to save them from injury during an accident.

There are variations in car safety seats and they defer from baby’s weight, age, height, and vehicle types.

These kinds of seats are required legally in a lot of developed countries.

As a result, most of the parent uses toddler and infant car seat for the safety of their child.

But very few of them know how to place the seat correctly.

Recently, some researchers show that only 15% of the car seat is properly installed.

So it’s important to know how to correctly install the seat to ensure the 100% security of the baby.

Which place is the safest to place the car seat?

Well, the question is a complex one and most of the experts believe that the center is the best place to put the car seat.

But the safety of your child will depend on how you installed the seat.

Today I will discuss how to properly place a car seat.

  1. Toddler and Infant Car Seat Placement Guideline 2020
  2. 1.Front Seat inside Driver
  3. 2. Back Seats
  4. Car Seat Placement for Multiple Childs

Toddler and Infant Car Seat Placement Guideline 2020

The toddler and infant seats are needed for the safety of your child.

However, most of the parents always fare in confusion about where to put the seat.

A properly placed car seat can be a lifesaving factor.

So it is important to know where to place the toddler and infant car seat.

The following positions are proven best and safe for placing toddler and infant car seats.

1.Front Seat inside Driver

The front passenger seat is safer than the rear passenger seat for your kid.

It allows you to keep an eye on your child at the time of driving.

It’s a great way to monitor your child especially when he is sick.

However, be careful in the time of placing a car rear seat in the front seat of your car.

If your car has an airbag, it can dangerously harm your child if the airbag goes off.

So, before placing a rear seat in the front make sure that the airbags are deactivated.

If you have a front-facing seat then it can be easily attached to the front.

However, make sure that you have installed the seat correctly with the seat below or the integral harness (depending on the seat).

Also, make sure that the seat is away from the dashboard.

2. Back Seats

If you are not driving the car then the rear seat is the best choice for you.

You baby will be away from the roadside vehicles and you will take care of your child easily.

The majority of the car accidents are faced conflict and the front passenger seat can be life-threatening for your beloved child.

The middle rear seat is considered as the safest seats amongst the rear seats.

It will keep your child safe at the time of a side.

Almost 28 percent of the death because of car accident happens from the side collisions.

However, most of the middle rear seat comes with a lap-only belt when most of the car seat requires a three-point seat belt.

So, you must check the toddler or infant car seat feature to know whether it will suit or not.

You can also use the left rear seat which will help you to carry out the child easily from the car.

Car Seat Placement for Multiple Childs

What should you do when you have two or more babies to take care of at the time of a ride?

It’s hard to plan for toddler and infant seat placement when you have more than one child.

In those situations, the safety of the youngest child should be figured out first.

The center rear facing seat is the safest for your youngest child.

The rear-facing seat in the center gets lower impact from both side and front collision.

What should you do with the second child?

The best way to ensure the safety of your second child is to place the seat in the middle but in the curbside.

It is going to be hard to put two seats together in the middle but it will ensure the total safety of your squad.

It might become impossible for the smaller cars.

However, the middle is not always the option. You can also use the left seat for your second child.

Here are some more tips to make your child’s ride more comfortable and safe:

  1. Before installing the seat, the first job you should do is reading the seat manufacturer’s manual. The instruction from the manual will help you to perfectly install the car seat.
  2. The infant or toddler seats are made for use during travel and they are not suitable for outside use. Moreover, using the seats for a long time is not good for the health of the child.
  3. Use the harness slots and seat belts to attach the seats and double check the seats are tightly attached.
  4. Reclining the car seat at a wrong angle will be harmful to your child’s posture. If you use one seat for several children then make sure that you have adjusted the reclining angle correctly.
  5. You may feel the need of upgrading to a booster seat, but it is recommended not to use the booster seat before your child reaches 4.
  6. Do not talk over the phone and look back much to check your child at the time of driving.
  7. If you go through an accident while using the car seat (we hope you wouldn’t), you will need to change the car seats.
  8. Try to your child in the rear facing seats as much as possible as they are the safest.

According to the research of the expert, you should not put your beloved child in the back seat before he became 12. Moreover, car seats have a lot of benefits apart from the safety of your child. Hope the above guide will remove all your confusion about the car seat placement.

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