5 First Time Pregnancy Tips For Marijuana Addicted Moms

Being pregnant is the biggest blessing of God. If you are going to be a mother then you should take care of yourself. It’s a new journey and new responsibility, so you have to involve yourself in some healthy activities, like reading books, healthy eating, and positive thinking. As you are going to experience the motherhood so you should treat yourself with all the best things from food to clothes. During this period of time, you will receive so many advices to maintain medicine, food, and hygiene.

For the would-be mother who will be going to take a long journey of 9 months is suggested to consult with your doctor and take the necessary pieces of advice from him/her. As this is your first time so you will receive so many advice from your near and dear ones. But you have to understand one thing that is this is the time when you have to avoid or leave your all the bad habits for the sake of your unborn baby. Especially smoking, you have to stop it.

If you are still not sure or struggling how to get rid of your addition or how to stop smoking weed while pregnant then I can help you out from this trouble. Here I am sharing some of the easiest tips for the new moms especially for those moms who are addicted to marijuana. These5 tips will help you to fight the addiction and keep yourself and your baby healthy and fit.

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Pregnancy Tips For Marijuana Addicted Moms

30-minute Exercise:

Yoga or exercise is highly recommended for the pregnant lady as it helps to keep both the mother and baby healthy. Also, it helps to reduce the stress and anxiety. So join the yoga classes where you can practice or do pregnancy based exercise. You need to do this every day at least for 30 minutes. Take a 15 minutes’ walk every day, but avoid direct sunlight. It will harm you instead of making you healthy. But this exercise will help you to stimulate your immunity power to get rid of the Marijuana addiction.

Look after yourself :

Pregnancy means extra care, it is the time when you should nurture yourself. This is the time when you should look at your diet and eat properly. Have some fresh and green vegetables and fruits, salad and drink plenty of water. Avoid coffee and try some healthy tea, try to sleep well, have different kinds of healthy breakfast which boost your mind. So stay healthy, eat healthily and live healthy during this period. But must avoid the addiction to Marijuana as well as smoking weed while you are pregnant. It will not only harm you but also hurt your unborn baby.

Quit or stop smoking:

You are now not alone, a new responsibility is growing up in your womb so you should take care of this new life. To stop or quit smoking you can take help one of your close and supportive friends or family members. If they don’t know you this secret then consult with your doctor and take any counselor help. If you are smoking just to relax then involve yourself in some creative activities i.e. model making, writing, paintings, or cooking foods so that you can keep yourself busy with some interesting work and can easily forget your addiction towards smoking.

The dressing should be light:

During this pregnancy period along with all the small and big changes, you have to take care of your dressing pattern. This time avoid tight-fitting clothes and wear something light, in which you are comfortable. Remove heels footwear to avoid strain your feet, ankles, and legs. This time is very sensitive and precious for a woman who is enriched with the blessing of God so as the would be the mother you should take care of the dressing part.

Only have prescribed medication:

In this pregnancy period, you never take any medicine unless doctors prescribe you that. You have to be more careful during these 9 months. Every medicine has the different impact so never take that medicine which is not prescribed to you. If you feel, you need any medicine then consult with your doctor. In fact, you don’t need any medicine if you do yoga or exercise every day, quit smoking and make the habit of having the green and healthy diet.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of every woman’s life. So never take any risk with it, your little care can make a big change. Take care and follow the above-mentioned tips if you are going to conceive for the first time.

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