How to Choose Hiking Carrier for 3 Year Old Baby

Hiking is something that gives you pleasure and you love to do it very often. But there is a new member in your family and you need to take care of him all the time which prohibits you from hiking as like as before. Now he is going up and you want to take him with you in the time of hiking. Well, if this is something that is going through your mind currently then the first apparatus you will need is a child hiking carrier.

A baby carrier is as like as a backpack which is mostly made out of fabrics which comfortably carry your baby and gives you a hands-free mode in the time of hiking. There is a variety of hiking carriers available in the market but not all of them worth the money. In this content, I will let you know how to choose the best hiking carrier for 3 years old.

  1. Things to Consider In the Time of Buying a Hiking Carrier
  2. Carrying Capability of the Carrier
  3. Storage Capability
  4. Construction
  5.  Kickstand
  6. The Seating Space
  7. Straps

Things to Consider In the Time of Buying a Hiking Carrier

You will need to choose a hiking carrier wisely because the safety and the comfort of your child will depend on it. Following the below aspects will help you to choose the finest hiking carrier for your baby easily.

Carrying Capability of the Carrier

The height and weight carrying capacity of a carrier are one of the important factors that which you should consider first. Most of the hiking carriers can carry a baby of 12kg to 18kg. The average weight of 3 years old is around 13 to 18 kg. As you are going to buy a carrier for 3 years old, you will need to go for which is capable of carrying the weight. It’s always better to go for a carrier with extra 2 or 3 kg weight and then your baby so that they can fit comfortably. Same opinions go for the heights.

Storage Capability

When it comes to hiking, you will need to take a lot of things with you such as foods, drinks, clothes, diapers, and much more. So, you should go for a carrier which has enough a storage capacity to store your things efficiently. Nowadays, some carriers come with a removal backpack which can be mounted with the hiking carrier for additional stuff and can also be removed whenever needed.


Construction of the carrier is another important factor to consider at the time of buying a baby hiking carrier. The durability, wet resistance, and the flexibility of using will depend on the construction. Go for a hiking carrier which is made out of high-quality nylon fabrics so that it can carry your 3 years old baby for a long period of time.


The kickstand is a great feature of hiking carriers, especially for those who hike alone. It keeps the carrier straight on the ground and let you take a break. You can also turn this feature of whenever needed. So if you are visiting alone, you should choose a baby carrier which has the kickstand feature.

The Seating Space

The comfort of your child will depend on the quality of the seating space. The seating space should be foamy and have enough room so that your child can’t distress bad in the time of hiking. It will be better if the whole seat is padded, which will give your child better relaxation. However, they will cost you some extra bucks.


A three years old baby along with other components makes the carrier too heavy to carry. As a result, carrying the hiking backpack can cause back strain, shoulder pain, and other problems. To reduce the pressure on your shoulder the carriers come with several straps such as waist straps, chest straps, and shoulder straps. These adjustable straps give you a better stability and help to move with less pressure. So, go for a hiking career which comes with comfortable and strong adjustable hiking carrier.

There is a lot of hiking career available in the market which meets above factors. Maybe, you can give a look at the best hiking carrier list by Adventure Gears Lab which can help you to find some of them easily.

Choosing the perfect hiking carrier was never been an easy job. However, following the above guideline will help you to find the best hiking carrier for your child easily. We hope you will find the perfect hiking carrier for your 3 year old child.

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