Fan Blowing On Baby While Sleeping – Best Guide for Parents

As a parent, there is some stuff that you must count among the basic yet essential things every parent must know. Fan blowing on baby while sleeping certainly makes it to the list of those important things.

Knowing the right way to blow fan on baby while sleeping and knowing when to stop it are quite crucial. Also, knowing the right fan that you must consider to blow on your baby, and knowing which side you should blow etc. is equally important as well. Moreover, it is not crucial for the period while your child is an infant only, but also while your child is a toddler.

So, this article is a guide to all the concerned parents willing to know everything about blowing fan on baby safely and getting him or her best naps!
Blowing the fan on your infant the wrong way or blowing for longer periods (over blowing) may cause children in their initial years minor or even serious sickness and congestion. This is something you need to be aware of, even while you are in your sleep.

  2. Is blowing the fan on baby good? : A detailed review
  3. Which fan to choose for blowing on babies?
  4. Top 3 fans for blowing on baby while sleeping 2020
  5. Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer:
  6. Genesis Powerful 40 Inch 360 Degree Oscillating Tower Fan:
  7. Dream baby Clip-On Stroller Fan:
  8. Conclusion


Is blowing the fan on baby good? : A detailed review

Parents often wonder if it is ok to sleep with a fan on with a new-born or “are fans OK for babies?” You might want to know that infants who sleep in rooms having fans tends to sleep much better, and generally cuts back on the risk of SIDS when compared to babies who sleep in a less ventilated rooms.

The claim that sleeping in rooms with a fan lowers the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by over and about 70 per cent is backed by research-based statistics. Likewise, resting with an open window is also claimed to somewhat cut down the death possibilities, though not by very large per cent.

So, yeah, fans are, indeed, OK for babies- that is, until you blow it right and carefully.

Which fan to choose for blowing on babies?

There are just a lot of fan variants available in the market. However, for the purpose of blowing on babies, fans need to be chosen carefully. This is because the fan you choose, its speed and swinging and air circulation features are directly associated not only with the soundness of your child’s sleep but also with his or her level of comfort as well as health.

We largely and positively suggest tower fans in this respect over any other alternatives, on the basis of our personal research. Tower fans from reliable companies mostly come with quite a number of convenience features. They are pocket-friendly as well as environment friendlier in comparison to air conditioner while ensuring a similar coolness around your baby. Moreover, they are quite silent in comparison to other fan alternatives- just what you should be looking for. Certainly, quiet operation is a plus point when considering that babies can be easily disturbed by the noise of fans.

Given below are the top 3 fans we recommend for parents to use for blowing on infants and toddlers.

Top 3 fans for blowing on baby while sleeping 2023

Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer:

Designed beautifully, we personally recommend this tower fan. With its fresh air ionizing features, Lasko Wind curve fan ensures appropriate, clean wind flow and air circulation in the room. Coming with a range of speed options,

Lasko Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting, Timer and Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, Silver T42951

Lasko fans also have got oscillating feature and adjustable grills to adjust the airflow as comfortable for the child. Moreover, it is pretty much quiet, therefore ensuring no disturbance in the sleep of the baby.

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Genesis Powerful 40 Inch 360 Degree Oscillating Tower Fan:

Featuring a complete 360-degree oscillation with 4 oscillation adjustment options of 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees, and 360 degrees, this Genesis tower fan is amazing. The feature displaying the temperature of the room is helpful for parents as well. Additionally, it comes with 3-speed settings and 3 wind settings, thus optimizing the comfort of your baby. Elegant and comfortable, Genesis 360 degree Oscillating tower fan is a winner.

Genesis Powerful 40 Inch 360 Degree Oscillating Tower Fan With Max Air Quiet Technology And Remote

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Dream baby Clip-On Stroller Fan:

For those looking for Particularly designed for the comfort of the child, Dream baby Clip-On Stroller Fan is an ideal way to keep your baby from getting all messed while being out or somewhere in the stroller during hot days. Particular attention is given to the safety of the child while designing the product- the soft, baby-safe foam fins keep away any risk of an inquisitive tot getting harmed anyway.

Dreambaby Clip On Stroller Fan, Black w/Silver

Absolutely convenient to carry around and clip on and totally safe for infants and the fan is the best choice for all the parents looking for stroller fans.

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Choosing the right fan

Here are a few factors you might want to consider while choosing a fan for blowing on your baby.

Know how much space you are trying to cool

Choice of the fan, the size, features and coverage required in a fan and many such factors depend upon how big (or small) size of an area are you trying to cool. Small sized or primitive fans would be sufficient, especially if you live in moderately warm regions. On the other hand, you might want a good tower fan with decent airflow, high power air circulation capacity and oscillating features if you are looking to cool a bigger area. Choosing wrong fans for big sized spaces may end you up in sweat, and your baby in total discomfort.

Quietness and efficiency

Most fans make some degree of sound when in operation. However, for many kids, this sound of fan might be disturbing in the silence of the night. So should be looking for such fans that can operate all night without noise. A tower fan is a good choice here since it operates far silently (mostly it is just a low humm) when put against other fans.

Remote control

When sleeping with an infant, you might want to change the fan speed, oscillation and other setting multiple times. Choosing a fan with a remote control will save you from all the effort of getting up from your sleep and walking to switches or fans multiple times a night. Far too convenient, right? Tower fans are winners here too, as they generally come with remote control systems. Change speed and settings without getting up several times.

Design of the fan

While choosing a fan, it will be great if you take time to study its design. The efficiency of any fan is, at large, closely related to its design. A precisely and perfectly designed fan can ensure proper flow of cold air current, thus maintaining a pleasant temperature in the room. As in can of the listed fans and similar tower fans, the beautiful yet efficient designing of are such that would ensure a proper air circulation and coolness. Moreover, their designs would easily fit in with the interior decor of any modern house.

Oscillation and grill adjustment

There are multiple reasons that you must consider and moreover, prefer the oscillation and grill adjustment feature in the fan you select for blowing on baby while sleeping. First, it is commonly believed and is also suggested by experts to avoid fan being directed on the baby the entire night. Oscillation and grill adjustment feature would prevent this. Also, at the same time, it would ensure a steady air circulation in the entire room. As a baseline, these features make it healthy as well as comfortable. Thus, choosing fans with dynamic oscillation features is surely an advantageous thing and is so recommended. Today many of the tower fans come with oscillation features, which make them even more preferable.


A timer is an important function in present-day fans. It is not healthy for newborn children to sleep night long in cold temperature or high-speed air flows; it can easily make them sick. So fans might have to be turned off or you might want to lower the speed after a few hours of operation or after room becomes enough cool. Having a timer in the fan would save parents from waking multiple times to adjust speed or temperature or to turn off the fan. This feature would enable slowing down or be turning off/restarting of the fan or adjustment of temperature after a particular amount of time, as set by the users. Many tower fans today come with a timer for the convenience of parents and also for ensuring a sound sleep for the baby.


We are sure and hope that this guide would have helped you to understand, to a great extent, everything about fans blowing on baby while sleeping. You now know the right fans to choose, and also the factors to consider thereby. Wrapping up, we can say that tower fans are one of the best choices that parents can make for blowing on their babies for ensuring them a peaceful and comfortable rest time. If you still have any doubts, do let us know through comments.

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