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Choose the Best Baby Swings 2020 – Before Buy

Best Baby Swings 2018

Ever tackled a child when he’s fresh off his sleep in the morning? Well, I have. Twice. I can tell you the little one can be grumpy. Many prefer soothing the infant/toddler in their arms. But I have a smart solution for the lazy moms! Just choose one from the best baby swings that are available.

These things can be quite handy when you want to put your child in a safe and snug place while ensuring proper comfort. Also, these things mimic the motion of your arms. The baby will sink in “Motherly” comfort and sleep while you can take care of the usual business at home and at work.

Cool deal, eh? Wait! Hold your horses. As baby swings are very popular, you’ll find hundreds of brands jostling it out to be the top one.

The only way for you to select the best for your child is to know the factors that make a baby swing tick. That too, in detail. That is where my Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Best Baby Swings comes in. Read this, and you’ll get to know the factors that should influence your purchase decision. I’ve even come up with my own baby swing shortlist towards the latter part of the post. Do give it a look to find some of the industry leaders.

What is a Baby Swing Anyway?

In simple words, a baby swing is an independent unit that rocks back and forth or sideways. It mimics the movements of your hands while you swing your child. These things keep your baby tucked in and safe while you go about your business.

Of course, these things come in all shapes and sizes. You should choose one that suits you the most. Few of the popular categories of these swings are:

You don’t need to look any further. If you want to choose the ideal one for your kid, these categories should be more than enough to pick from.

How to Determine Which Swing is the Best for My Kid?

Now that we have established a baseline and got the introductions out of the way let us shift our focus on how to find the appropriate baby swing for your kid.

As much as this seems easy, all of the brands are diverse with their own specialties and drawbacks. Fortunately, I’ve come up with a set of standards that you can use to measure a baby swing for efficiency.

After you’ve found the suitable product, all that is left is to hit the “Purchase” button. So let us dive in.

Choose the Best Baby Swings 2017

Decide the Type You Need

If you look upward, you’ll find I touched on few types of Baby Swings that are available. Each one has different bells and whistles. Some have bigger swing arc, some come with speed variations. Then there are other models that are lightweight but lack other features.

The benefits are diverse. You need to decide what you need for your infant or toddler and to what end you are planning to negotiate. Based on the child’s needs and your preference, select any type from the ones above.

Look at the Overall Making of the Swings You Choose

I am sure you don’t want to buy a swing only to return it after two weeks because it’s broke, right? Nobody wants that. That is why you need to find one with a durable and stable frame.

My first choice is a swing for my baby that has metal in the making. These are sturdier than the “Chinese” swings that use cheap plastic.

The second thing I look at is the base. I’ll advise you to choose a kid’s swing that has a wide base. Even after using for long periods, these swings don’t tip over because of the wide base they have.

What is the Seat Like?

While this seems completely unimportant at first, the seat is a major factor when it comes to your child’s comfort inside baby swing.

There are products with removable seats. People can easily wash these things. And you can use the seat without the baby swing as well.

If you are into “Oversized” seats, feel free to buy ones that can be attached to the swing for your child with clips. The main advantage of such seats is that you can keep them stationary when the product is not in use.

While you are at it, try to ensure that the seat is padded. A padded seat increases the comfort level of your toddler while he’s in there swinging by himself. But be weary that pads take space on the seat. Too much padding can cramp your boy/girl for space.

If you are going for Best Baby Swings for Toddlers, it is important to find one with an inclining seat. Parents can fix the seat to different levels while their prince/princess enjoys a quality time on the swing.

Narrow Your Choice Down by Focusing on Swing Properties

swing for baby

To narrow your choice further, you should look into the swinging motions of this furniture. Different models have different ways of swinging.

The low-end units come with single motion with or without variable speeds. But best baby swings, come with multiple options regarding swing types.

For example, with some of the models, you can adjust the swing speed along with the motion. These models can swing from side to side or back and forth depending upon the manufacturers. You need be attentive towards your child to find which direction he/she is comfortable with.

Then, there is the case of swing timer.

Most machines have a timer set to determine how long will the baby swing continue rocking back and forth or sideways. You can program the timer to start swinging or to stop based on your baby’s sleep routine.

The best models will allow you to keep them in motion for around 45 minutes. Be sure to halt the swing motion exactly to the point where your kid falls asleep. Otherwise, the swing might disrupt the baby’s nap instead of doing the opposite.

Battery or Power Cord? Make the Choice

Okay, not every swing is the same. Cheap baby swings come with low-quality power options that dupe you when you need them the most.

The swings with power cords require few seconds to turn on. The process is simple. Just plug the cord. Don’t worry about batteries. But there’s a catch. You need to have a power source nearby. And I mean ALL THE TIME.

For those who travel a lot with babies, my solution is going for battery-driven ones. These give you a greater leash. You have the freedom to use these whenever and however you want.

Sure full-size baby swings have power cords with them. Yet, I am telling you to go for the batteries. You just need to plan ahead. Stock up on batteries. That way, if you find batteries giving up on you, it’ll take a minute to change them.

Battery or Power Cord? Make the Choice

This is the most important aspect. You need to keep track of your kid’s safety while the little one is enjoying his time on his favorite swing.

First of all, look for a harness in the full size swing you choose. You can go for either a 3-point harness or a 5-point harness. The latter is better than the former of course.

A 5-point harness secures the upper body as well as the hip and crotch. The best instance of this harness at work is a car seat. A swing with 3-point harness system is only able to protect your child’s lower body.

Another reason for me to recommend the 5-point harness is the fact that kids can slump down while swinging. This happens when a swing is not properly reclined. Experts recommend that the swing must be reclined more than 50 degrees horizontally.

Also, amazing fact is, infants of up to 4 months don’t have full control over their necks’ movements according to studies. So, you never know when your kid might slump down. It is best to be prepared beforehand.

If I am given a chance, I’d include a canopy with my baby swing. I don’t want to let my son sunbath just yet! It comes handy when you use the swing outdoors or right next to a window. It protects your kid from sunlight. Some say, this even makes him fall asleep quicker. You never know until you try!

Do You Want Extra Bells and Whistles?

Decide on this really quick. Do you want additional benefits with the swing for your children? If so, which ones? You will have plenty available to choose from.

Some swings come with variable music settings. These will help sooth your child and put it to sleep. If you are really into it, throw in some bucks, and you’ll have a high-end baby swing. These come with iPhone docks that allow moms and dads to play music from their iPhones.

To further entertain the little ones, some of the best baby swings feature toys of various kinds. Some of these move when your baby touches them. Others run on a motor. There is a third kind of swing which features beautiful night lights to soothe the child and calm its Rousey nature.

Some of the parents will laugh when I say to choose from a vibrating baby swing. But I am dead serious here. Manufacturers DO USE vibration as a feature in many of their models. They say it puts children to sleep quicker than other methods.

Lastly, you’ll find baby swings with various designs that reflect different themes. Choose the best one which keeps your child invested and entertained.

Can You Get Your Baby in and Out of the Swing without Hitches?

This is another thing you need to consider before you zoom in on one particular swing. The smart move is to think ahead. Plan for when your baby grows up into a toddler. Your kid will gain weight. Cheap baby swings may seem lucrative at first, but these damn things break apart or dislocate when you try to put your toddler in.

I’ll suggest buying one which has an “Open Top” design. You can put or take the baby out of the thing without any hustle.

Some of the top baby swing models come with a smart folding design. Parents fold them, put their baby on the seat, unfold the swing and done! You don’t want a difficult product to handle. Parenting is tough as it is. Don’t make it tougher on you.

Compare Different Baby Swings

If you have shortlisted some products at this point, just categorize them based on price, bells and whistles and the features I mentioned. A comparison between them should draw the line. I generally study user experiences and diversity of the products.

Fix a price range and settle few features that you want within the price. Then go for the product that offers these features. It shouldn’t be tough to pick the best baby swing out of say, three or four.

Parting Words

Finally, it is over! Trust me, I am as relieved as you are. Thank you for reading this Best Baby Swing Buying Guide that I put up for you. It is lengthy, sure. But to be honest, you know a little bit more than you did 10 – 15 minutes ago on this subject. Also, the quicker you get your brain around this thing, the better you understand the functions.

As parents, you can now make educated choices before buying a swing thanks to this guide. It is best to know about the product that you are putting your money on. Just one little tip, “Do read the baby swing reviews put up by other users”. These are real time experiences and help you judge a product with a better standard in place.

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