The guide is about FAN BLOWING ON BABY WHILE SLEEPING. Every parent need to know this thing.

-You have a newborn, or you have a baby but little grown up? Or you have a bit, aged baby?

-Yes? Okay. So you don’t know how to blow, which fan should you use to blow, when to blow, which side to blow and when to stop blowing?


Okay, this article’s goal is to make you taught those things that you don’t regard fan blowing.

When you are in sleep, you need to be conscious about the fan you made blown. Because a little long time fan blowing, that means over blowing cause your baby sick.

So be conscious about blowing fan.

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Why blowing the fan on Baby? – Detailed answer

Youthful newborn children who rest in rooms with fans have a lower danger of sudden baby death syndrome than babies who rest in less all around ventilated rooms, new research appears.

Researcher reasoned that laying down with a fan brings down SIDS hazard by over 70%.

Resting in life with an open window was likewise found to bring down hazard, in spite of the fact that the affiliation was not huge.

So there is a lot of variety of fans. But as you have a baby you have to choose very carefully. Because choosing the right fan for your infant may keep your baby safe and make her sleep sound. But If you pick a wrong one it may bring a hazard for your baby.


So in our opinion, we suggest tower fan. Before writing this article, we have research on it that which fan is better for an infant. So we have found “TOWER FAN” as the most suitable fan for baby.

Things need to be checked before running a fan for sleeping time at night-

How much space am I trying to cool?

-When you are sleeping with your baby and your fan is on and running an making loud noise, it may make your baby wake up. So you need such fan that can run all the night without noise. So a tower fan is less noisy than any other.-The first question is how much space do your baby use to sleep? For larger spaces, you’ll need a fan that offers the higher power air circulation. Tower fans can oscillate, thereby distributing air to large areas of the space. If the space you are aiming to cool is medium, your fan decision could be based solely on the dimensions of the unit.

-While sleeping and blowing the fan on your baby, you may need to stop it for any cause like your partner or you are facing a problem with the fan or its speed. So you need a remote to control it. So tower fans usually offer an easy control system through the remote. You can control the speed or turn the fan on or off anytime you want.

-You need a fan that can blow cold air properly. Because fans that are not properly designed may send you imperfect blowing of cold air. So you need something that is perfectly designed to blow you. So a tower fan is beautifully designed. It can blow air from any one side so that perfection on airflow remains.

A tower fan oscillates with a wider area of air circulation coverage and distribution, but most other fans oscillate not like a tower fan. A special feature of this fan is it has a timer so that you change the direction of cool air blowing time. Like you want your fan to blow straight, and after 1-2 hours we want it to blow from a bit lower direction. So it is possible for this fan.

And by these function your baby won’t be so cool, he will enjoy the flow, and he’ll sleep a sound sleep.

-A tower fan is an environment-friendly fan. You can turn it on at night while sleeping with your baby and then you and your baby will have a great and sound and also a perfect sleep. It can be turned off and then again turn back on again after some time as you want.

If you use a routine like you’ve run your fan when you lay down on the bed. And then longtime fan blowing can cause cold disease. So if you turn the fan on again after 20-30 minutes, the perfection will remain, and you won’t get cold.

As baby’s body is mild soft, hey can’t take anything excessive that’s why a tower phone is an optimal choice when you are thinking t turn your fan for the whole night and you want it to blow air to your baby too.

By a tower fan’s perfect flow your baby keeps itself healthy, warm and quite cool.

But remember to choose the best tower fan from the market. this is the guideline of FAN BLOWING ON BABY WHILE SLEEPING. If you have any question let us know via comment section.

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