Best Baby Swings Reviews of 2018 – Everything you Need to Know

Babies are like a box of chocolates. You never know when they are in a playful mood and when they wake up grumpy and at times, savage.

The only way to calm them is to cradle them up in your arms and gently swing back and forth. As tedious as this already is, you’ll have to feed them, move them around and put them to sleep too.

Best Baby Swings

However, taking care of your children isn’t easy as we live in a busy little world. Thankfully, baby swings in 2018 will let you do all that and more!

Best Baby Swings Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Baby Swings Review 2018

Fisher Price Deluxe Take-along swing Reviews

Fisher Price is one of the best baby products manufacturing companies around. The baby swing brand has earned its spot on the list of my top five choices with its amazing features and unique design. With its five-point harness and soft padded seats, you can be assured that your baby is safe, calm and comfortable whenever they are in the swing. This is a great advantage to you because calm children are easy to babysit and this allows you to run other important errands.

Let us look at the baby swing in an intimate way to find out the features that make it tick. You’ll find few of the features below with brief discussion on advantages that they present to you.

It Uses Fisher Price Smart Swing Technology
This technology automates the swinging process. The seat has special sensors that detect weight changes. Once you place the child on the seat and strap them in, the seat automatically begins the swinging. The speed and duration of the swinging are predetermined. You can change the speed if you wish using the speed.

After the swing has run for the duration of time you had set, it will automatically stop. This feature is super handy when it comes to soothing the baby to sleep during nap times. It allows the child to sleep undisturbed by the swinging motion while you run your errands.

Comes with an Infant Insert
An infant insert is a super handy accessory for portable swing sets. The Fisher-Price stands out on this list as the only one that comes with its own. The infant insert is used when people use the swing for babies below the age of three months. This is because they are very small and are usually not able to fit snugly in the swing. The insert offers support and ensures the baby’s safety and comfort.

Overhead Canopy and Handle

This is yet another feature unique to the Fisher-Price take-along swing. The overhead canopy allows you to attach a cover material to protect your child from the wind and direct sunlight. This comes in handy when you want to take the child out of the seat. The canopy is also designed to hold the baby’s toys for them to play with without dropping. The overhead handle allows you to carry the portable baby swing around as a stationary accessory for your baby.

  • You can assemble it pretty quickly.
  • Comes with Washable seat and covers.
  • Vibration allows your baby to sleep quickly.
  • Takes a small space.
  • Doesn’t come with a wall plug.
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Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Reviews

The Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe is a swing and cradle combo. It is a great product and makes child care much easier for parents and nannies that have additional chores and duties to attend to besides attending the baby. It has some pretty amazing features that make it one of the best baby products in the market.
Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Cradle ‘n Swing, White

It has Two Swing Motions and Six Swing Speeds

The two motions are the side-to-side cradle and the head-to-toe swing movements. Depending on the speed applied, you can apply either of these motions at nap time or playtime with the same soothing effect on the baby. This makes them happy and keeps them calm which is a great advantage to you as the parent.

It has a Motorized Mobile and an Overhead Toy Station

The motorized mobile includes a music system with several songs and soothing nature sounds for the child to enjoy. Some are lively for playtime and others are calm for naps. This difference helps to teach the child how to interpret the meaning of different sounds and songs. This feature makes the swing not only fun but also educative. The toy station holds the child’s toy for them to play with and playing with toys enhances hand-eye-coordination adding to the educative value of the swing for your baby.

It has Comfortable Padded Seats that are Easy to Wash

This feature keeps the child comfortable allowing them to enjoy their playtime or sleep. This is an advantage to the parent because a comfortable child is less likely to become cranky and throw a temper tantrum.

  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Has a Side-by-side motion.
  • It is safe for kids.
  • It comes with a power plug.
  • It is a bit wobbly.
  • Has only 20-minute time span on music.
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Bright Starts Safari Smiles Reviews

Swings are among the most popular child products. All over the world and throughout history, children have enjoyed all forms of them. Whether you grew up playing on a steady steel swing set or you used a tire and rope swing, you know the influence of swings in a child’s life firsthand.
Bright Starts Safari Smiles Portable Swing

For infants, portable swings are in style. One of the best is the Bright Starts Safari Smiles portable swing. The Bright Starts Company is well known for its amazing design and manufacture of baby products. It is, therefore, no surprise that their portable swing is ranked among the best. Their portable baby swing is packed with amazing features and designs that ensure comfort, fun, and safety for your child.

Uses Truespeed Technology

With the, there are six different swing speeds to choose from. You can adjust using a speed knob on the chair that is out of reach to the child. As in other products on the list, the first three speeds are slow while the rest are faster.

What sets this baby swing apart from the other is the fact that it uses True Speed Technology. This eliminates a common problem experienced in other seats where a child’s weight affects the swinging speed. This technology ensures that no matter how heavy your child is, as long as they are below the maximum weight limit, they will enjoy the same speeds as their lighter counterparts.

Animal and Jungle Themed Design

The fabric has a colorful pattern with several animal pictures including that of a giraffe, lion and elephant. This basically creates an African Safari theme that most children respond well to. The images keep the child preoccupied allowing you to go on with other tasks.

The second thing that enhances this theme is the horizontal toy bar. This is designed in such a way that it looks like a branch of a tree. It holds the toys for the baby to play with while on the swing. The fact that the toys are fixed onto the bar keeps them from falling and you don’t have to keep on ditching your work to pick up your baby’s toys.

Whisper Quiet Technology

If you have ever used an ordinary swing, you know how annoying the noise from the back and forth motion is. The Bright Starts Safari Smiles portable seats is one of the high-qaulity baby swings because it eliminates this nuisance.

The Whisper Quiet Technology muffles noise that comes from the motors that run the swing. This is a great feature for both the baby and you as the user. The silence keeps the child calm and this makes your job taking care of them much easier.

  • Good “Bang for Buck” device.
  • Music entertains your child.
  • Vibrant color grabs attention of your baby.
  • Takes little time to assemble.
  • Supports babies up to 30 pounds.
  • Buttons are hard to push.
  • Reviewers point this out to be flimsy.
  • Battery drains quickly.
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Fisher Price Papasan Cradle and Swing Reviews

There is nothing that babies enjoy more than being cradled. This product of Fisher Price is designed to automatically cradle the child when they are being cranky or simply to sooth them to sleep. It calms them down no matter what the cause of the stress is.It mimics human movements. It is electrically powered and can run on AC power or on alkaline batteries.
Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Starlight

The batteries come in handy when you are traveling and you have nowhere to plug in the seat.

Two-Position Seat

The seat on the Fisher Price Papasan can be reclined either to full flat or upright position. The flat position is ideal when you want the baby to fall asleep or stay asleep. The upright position is more of a play time seat position and allows the child to have fun without being uncomfortable. The seat can easily be reclined using a reclining lever on the side of the seat. This makes it super easy to use for you as the parent or caretaker.

Inbuilt Sound System

This is an amazing feature that is common to all Fisher Price swings. The music system for the Papasan cradle and swing contains a total of 16 preloaded nursery rhymes and lullabies. With this model, the songs are divided into daytime songs and night time songs.

The daytime songs are upbeat and funky and keep the baby entertained when they are awake. They are therefore best used while the child is playing on the seat. The night time songs on the other hand are slower and their soothing effects make them ideal for nap times.

Six Different Swinging Speeds

This feature allows you to choose from six different cradle speeds on the seat. The first three are the slower speeds and are ideal for sleeping children. The slow speeds can also come in handy when the child s awake and is not making a fuss. The fourth to sixth speed levels are much higher.

These are used mainly when the child is being cranky and you would want to distract and calm him down. You can also use the high-speed cradling as a treat for a calm baby during play time. They really enjoy it.

Three Point Harness

This is the seat’s safety belt. Whenever you place your child on the seat, it is super important to ensure that they are strapped in and the harnesses are fastened.

This will keep him/her safe from falling over while they play or when the cradle is on higher speed levels. The belts and buckles on the harness system are padded. This ensures the baby’s comfort and makes the Papasan one of the sought after swings for babies in the market.

  • Assembly takes little to no time at all.
  • Infant and toddlers fit in easily.
  • Comes with relaxing music and motion.
  • Design appeals to the baby.
  • A comfortable choice for children.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Doesn’t have own infant seat.
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4moms Mamaroo Black Classic Reviews

Need to calm your fussy child? You might find it hard while cradling and swinging him/her in your arms but the 4moms Mamaroo baby swing solves this problem very easily. This automatic swing cradles your baby for you and keeps them entertained allowing you to get more work done. With all its amazing features, it is no doubt that this is one of the best baby swing reviews that I’ve added here. Let us have a look at them.
4moms 2015 mamaRoo Infant Seat with Bluetooth Classic Black

Five Unique Motions with Different Speed Settings

The five motions are the car ride, kangaroo, free swing, rock-a-by and wave motions. The free swing and rock-a-bye are side to side motions and are ideal for keeping the infant calm while they are asleep. This is because they are slower and have a more soothing feel.

They can also be used when the child is awake and calm. The other three motions are more circular and will help you when the child is awake and agitated. The reason for this is the fact that they are on the perfect level with the ground and more upbeat motions that easily distract the child and make them easy to deal with.

All these in some way mimic the natural movements of a human being cradling a baby. This means that the child does not get confused when you cradle them yourself after they spend time on the swing.

Removable and Washable Seat Cover

Babies are mess magnets. These can be food stains, milk spills or even vomit. But when it comes to proper hygiene, the accessories for babies should remain clean and tidy. With the 4moms Mamaroo black classic seat, you do not have to worry about your child’s hygiene.

This is because the fabric that covers the swing can easily be detached and washed using a washing machine or by hand. You can also clean the seat by wiping using a wet clean cloth when the mess is not a big one.

MP3 Compatible with an Inbuilt Sound System

The MP3 compatibility is unique to 4moms Mamaroo and this makes it, without doubt, one of the many baby swings of 2018 and beyond. It allows you to play music or other calming sounds for the child to enjoy. Unlike others, this feature allows you to select the music that your child will listen to.

You could even make a voice recording of yourself singing to the baby. They respond much better to this due to the familiarity. In addition to the MP3 compatibility, the swing has a music system with a few songs and soothing sounds already downloaded for you to choose from.

Reclining Seat

This feature allows you to change the position of the seat’s backrest for the child’s comfort. The flatter positions are great when the child is asleep whereas the more upright ones allow the child to enjoy themselves when they are awake.

The different seat positions also work better with different sway motions. One example is pairing up the flat seat recline with the side to side motions when the child is asleep. This way, you get to ensure that your child is comfortable at all times.

  • It is a baby swing and bouncer.
  • Has a compact, well-rounded size.
  • You can wash this thing in a machine.
  • The seat adjusts to different positions.
  • You can upgrade the device to suit your requirements.
  • Can be controlled with your smartphones.
  • Has slow speed levels.
  • Upgrades can be expensive.
  • Has a hefty price attached to it.
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Top Rated Baby Swings Video Review of 2018

Why Would You Need a Top Rated Baby Swing Anyway?

Like I said, we live in a busy little world. It is hard to imagine parents to be able to be by baby’s side 24X7. With all the job, outside the home responsibilities and assignments, working class folks don’t get that much leisure to be around their children. Natural comfort of a mother’s warm hands and skin-to-skin touch goes missing.

A swing mimics the movement of mother’s arms and comfort of “Skin to Skin Contact.” The perfect swing keeps the baby calm while keeping your hands free to do whatever important job you have at hand.

Even if you are a homemaker and have day-to-day chores at hand, some infant and toddler swings help you comfort the fussy little beast, keep him entertained while you cook or put him to sleep without you running around with him.

These things come in various shapes and sizes. Some have entertainment systems like lullabies, toys and even cushioned space for your baby to be comfortable.

Owning an automatic baby swing with entertainment features helps you to keep your infant or toddler cheerful. A happy mind is a doorway to the proper development of your kid.

These are like portable cupboards for little ones. Parents can keep clothes, water bottles, spare dresses, etc. in additional compartments in good portable kids’ swings. Feel free to take your kid to shopping with you or anywhere else you’d like to go visit.

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Types of Swings for Children

If you want to buy a swing, you need to know the type first. Yes, these things come in different types as well as sizes. Some are good for traveling parents, few are stationary, others have inbuilt entertainment systems. Fundamentally, we see four types of infant or toddler baby swings available.

The Full-Size Swings

Baby swing reviews of 2018 will feature one or two full-size variants by default. Full-Size Swings are automatic in nature. When you compare them to their portable counterparts, these are bigger. Also, a full-size baby swing is further from the ground.

It will take your kid a considerable time before he outgrows this machine. These types of swings are permanent. They require a fixed location for setup. Also, you have almost all the features a baby swing can have.

Advantages of Full-Size Infant Swings :

  • Doesn’t tip over easily due to the wide base.
  • Your kid will use this swing well into his toddler years.
  • These swings have longer swing arcs than other baby swing variants.
  • You’ll have almost every feature of a baby swing available to play with.
  • Safety is the top priority here.
Some of the Drawbacks of These Products :
  • Full-size Children swings are bulky and not easy to move around.
  • The Decent room is needed to set up the unit.
  • Usually, a Full-Size Swing comes at a higher price than most swings for toddlers.

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Portable Baby Swings

Next up are the portable versions of swings. You’ll see quite a lot of these around in this age. They provide more options for parents to dangle with. The main trait of portable baby swings is flexibility in transportation.

You can take these anywhere you like and with the right money, can enjoy handy features as well. They come with smaller swing arcs than their full-size variants. But they are cheaper and do the job more often than not.

These things run on batteries. You can switch them on and off wherever and whenever you like. Some of the best portable swings come with rechargeable batteries. Others do the job with one-timers.

But a bit of battery consumption won’t cause the “Comfort for your child” part any harm.

Advantages of Full-Size Infant Swings :

  • These are lightweight alternatives to conventional swings.
  • Best portable infant swings for children do come cheap.
  • They consume less space than their full-sized counterparts.

Disadvantage of Portable Swings :

  • You won’t be getting many features.
  • These have smaller swing arcs than normal.
  • Battery consumption raises the overall cost.

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Baby Gliders

You rarely see these variants of infant swings even in contemporary top baby swings titled reviews and roundup posts. But baby gliders are around.

These are a fairly recent invention for babies. Based on “Rocking Chair” principles, these things rock back and forth and even glide sideways to mimic the motions of your hands. The features are limited. But “Technically” these are swings too.

Best baby gliders have armrests, cushioned seats and even motors in some cases. They are cheaper than other variants. But on the downside, you’ll have to compromise many of the popular features you sought after in the first place. But the best baby gliders in the market do the job pretty well.

Remember: Not All Swings are Equal

Yes, all though you know about the variants, it is highly possible that you will still make bad choices and blind guesses. The good thing is, there are many choices for kids of different ages.

The bad thing is, there are FAR TOO MANY baby swings out there. And not all of them have similar standards regarding quality. You’ll have to make a choice between the “Best,” the “Very Best” and the “Good” ones. Obviously, you’ll need an expert buying guide on baby swings as the touchstone.

Look through short my reviews on 5 of the Top Baby Swings in 2018 After you’ve read our Buyer’s Guide. These are some of the best in the business and should fit each and every requirement that you might have.

Parting Words

You can see that these products are widely different in the features they offer and their sizes. Also, the price range will vary depending on the brand as well. I do try my best to recommend you the best baby swings every time. My experience with my babies, online user reviews, and brand reputations do help in this regard. My list reflects some of the best products you can find for your child’s comfort.

However, if you want to do further research, please have a look at our baby swing reviews and the “Editor’s Choice” section for some of the top class baby accessories. Wishing you all the best for your parenting days!